Executive Staff

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw is a career law enforcement professional responsible for leading the largest law enforcement agency in Palm Beach County. Sheriff Bradshaw has a successful track record of fifty(50) years in law enforcement. He rose through the ranks of the West Palm Beach Police Department and in 1996 was appointed Chief of Police. On January 4, 2005, Sheriff Bradshaw was sworn in as Sheriff of Palm Beach County. Sheriff Bradshaw is the sixteenth sheriff to serve as the county’s chief law enforcement officer since the agency’s origin in 1909. He is currently the longest reining Sheriff in Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has six departments – Employee Services, Operational Support, Professional Services, Strategic Operations, Uniform Operations and Corrections Operations. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of 4,300 employees and approximately 1,500 volunteers. Sheriff Bradshaw has extensive knowledge and training in all aspects of law enforcement with special emphasis on Domestic Security, Field Operations and community based policing. His excellent inter-personal and communication skills demonstrate competence as a leader who “gets things done,” yet maintains a balance between assertiveness and diplomacy while always remembering that his first and foremost duty is to keep citizens safe.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw is Chairman of the Florida Sheriffs Emergency Task Force for Region 7, a member of the Executive Board of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force, Chairman of Regional Domestic Security Task Force for Region 7, member of the Palm Beach County Chiefs of Police, Law Enforcement Planning Council, Police Executive Research Forum, Florida Sheriff’s Association and has been designated Who’s Who in Academic Excellence in America. Sheriff Bradshaw proudly and honorably served in the United States Marine Corps.  He is a Mason in good standing and a Shriner with Amara Shrine.

Sheriff Bradshaw’s educational experience includes a Bachelor of Science Degree with honors in Human Resources Management and a Masters of Science in Administration with honors-with a specialization in Emergency Management, he also graduated from the Administrative Officers Course at the Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.

Meet the PBSO Executive Team:

George Forman

Chief Operating Officer George Forman

Chief Operating Officer George Forman leads the PBSO C-Suite and is responsible for the Department of Employee Services, the Financial Services, Information Technology and Commercial Services Bureaus. COO Forman is active in many professional, fraternal and philanthropic organizations, including Leadership Florida’s Executive Board, Education Foundation of Palm Beach County’s Board, as well as serving as Chair of PBSO’s 457 Fiduciary Board and the Executive Sponsor for the Broken Star Foundation.

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Robert L. Allen

Colonel Robert L. Allen

Colonel Robert L. Allen, Strategic Operations, is a career Law Enforcement Officer with over 40 years of professional experience. He currently commands the Department of Strategic Operations which encompasses the Bureaus of Major Crimes, Homeland Security, Emergency Operations and Investigative Operations. He oversees over 800 employees, both sworn and civilian.

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Antonio Araujo

Colonel Antonio Araujo

Department of Uniform Operations.

After his honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps, Colonel Antonio Araujo began his career at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in 1982 as a Deputy Sheriff.  He has worked in and supervised a variety of assignments within the agency.  He has been promoted through the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Major and was appointed to the rank of Colonel on September 12, 2017.

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Col John Prieschl

Colonel John L. Prieschl, J.D.

Colonel John L. Prieschl is a career law enforcement professional with approximately 36 years of local law enforcement experience.  He is responsible for overseeing the Department of Professional Standards, which is comprised of Legal Affairs, the Division of Internal Affairs, the Training Division, Staff Inspections (policy/accreditation), and Labor Relations Division.

Colonel Prieschl was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida.  He began his law enforcement career in 1988 with the Jupiter Police Department.  He was hired by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in January of 1993.  His training and experience is diversified to include assignments in Vehicle Homicide Investigations, Training Division, Field Training Program, Internal Affairs, Court Services, and Patrol Operations.  He started promoting through the ranks in early 2000 and eventually commanded a Patrol District, the Training Division, and Internal Affairs before being promoted to the rank of Major in 2017.  In 2021, he was promoted to Colonel to oversee the Department of Professional Standards.

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Colonel Alfonso Starling

Colonel Alfonso Starling, Department of Corrections Operations, oversees Corrections Operationswhich consist of Inmate Management, Corrections Support Services, Standards & Staff Development, Contract Compliance, Corrections Court Security, and Corrections Security for the Main Detention Center & West Detention Center. The divisions provide services to individuals throughout their period of incarceration. Operations include Booking and Release, Inmate Records, Inmate Property, Inmate Court, Inmate Video Visitation, Transportation, Classification, and Housing.

Colonel Starling started his career with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in 1992. He has been assigned various duties within Corrections and Internal Affairs.

Hilda A. Gonzalez

Department Director Hilda A. Gonzalez

Chief Risk Officer Hilda A. Gonzalez serves as Senior Executive Staff for the Department of Employee Services. She has direct oversight and is responsible for Personnel Services Bureau with three divisions: Human Resources; Benefits and Risk Management.

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Department Director Andrea Lueghausen

Department Director Andrea Lueghausen

Department Director Andrea Lueghausen  is a civilian law enforcement professional with approximately 44 years of experience.  She is responsible for overseeing the Department of Operational Support which is comprised of the Communications Division, Radio Services Division, Records Production Division, Central Records Division, Alternate Response Unit, and Operational Technology Unit.

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Mark Alexander

Major Mark Alexander

Major Mark Alexander, Bureau Director of Investigative Operations since 2015, has provided dedicated service to the Sheriff’s Office for over 27 years. Major Alexander started with PBSO as a Road Patrol Deputy and has subsequently served as Community Policing Deputy, Internal Affairs Sergeant, Watch Commander Road Patrol Operations, Executive Officer in the Special Investigation Division, and Commander of Internal Affairs prior to his current assignment. In addition to his longstanding career with the Sheriff’s Office, Major Alexander also obtained his Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

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William Brannin

Major William Brannin

Major William Brannin currently serves as the senior executive officer for the East Regional Bureau of Patrol Operations. The East Region consists of District 1 – West Palm Beach, District 14 – City of Lake Worth Beach and District 16 – City of Greenacres. The East Regional Bureau consists of 301 dedicated men and women committed to providing professional law enforcement services to our residents and guests.

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Eric Coleman

Major Eric Coleman

Major Eric Coleman oversees the West Regional Bureau of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office which encompasses nine Sheriff’s Office districts west of 441/SR 7 for mid-western and western Palm Beach County. The districts include the cities of Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee Groves, Westlake, Belle Glade, South Bay, and Pahokee, as well as unincorporated areas of the Acreage and western Palm Beach County. The West Region has a combined staff of 325 dedicated men and women committed to serving the citizens of Palm Beach County.

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Michael DeVoter

Major Michael DeVoter

Major Michael DeVoter

Major Michael DeVoter is a dual-certified Corrections professional with more than 25 years of public service. He joined the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office following honorable service in the Persian Gulf as a member of the United States Army.  Major DeVoter has progressed through the ranks and is currently the commander of the Corrections Operations Bureau. The Operations Bureau consists of the following Divisions: Inmate Management, Corrections Court Security, Corrections Support Services, Corrections Contract Compliance, Standards and Staff Development, and Corrections Records and Property.

Major DeVoter earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University and Masters in Public Administration from Barry University.  He is a graduate of the National Jail Leadership Command Academy, as well as maintains certifying manager credentials with the American Correctional Association and the American Jail Association.

Major DeVoter spent his formative years in Boca Raton Florida and is happily married to Dawn for over 25 years.

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Major A. Jermaine Ford

Major A. Jermaine Ford began the first 4 years of his law enforcement career as a police officer with the Boynton Beach Police Department, located in the City of Boynton Beach, FL. In 1999, Major Ford joined the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) as a Deputy Sheriff. His previous assignments include Road Patrol Deputy, Narcotics Agent, DEA Task Force Officer, Road Patrol Sergeant, District Commander (District 11), Watch Commander, Executive Officer of the Violent Crimes Division (Homicide), Executive Officer of Internal Affairs, and Command Duty Officer (Law Enforcement Operations).

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Major Kyle Haas

Major Kyle Haas

Major Kyle Haas has been a resident of Palm Beach County for over 40 years and began his career with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in 1997. Over the span of his career, Major Haas has served as Patrol Deputy, Detective (Violent Crimes), Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant (Domestic Violence Unit), Watch Commander, Administrative Lt. and Captain (Internal Affairs). He currently commands the Professional Compliance Bureau comprised of the Internal Affairs Division, Training Division and Staff Inspections.

Major Haas has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University and a Master of Public Administration from Barry University. Major Haas is married and has two children.

Major Christopher Keane

Major Christopher Keane

Chris Keane began his career with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in 1994 and currently holds the rank of Major. His previous assignments within PBSO are diverse and include Field Training Officer, Emergency Field Force Team, Organized Crime Bureau Detective, Hostage Negotiator, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Watch Commander, Administrative Lieutenant, Detective Lieutenant and District Commander.


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Ron Mattino

Major Ron Mattino

Major Ron Mattino currently commands the North Regional Bureau of Patrol Operations. The North Region consists of District 2 (Mangonia Park), District 3, District 10 (Lake Park), and District 20 (Palm Beach Shores).  In addition to the Patrol Districts, Major Mattino commands the Community Resources Division.

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Major Talal Masri

Major Talal Masri

Major Talal Masri started his public safety career in 1995 when he became a paramedic with the City of Greenacres Department of Public Safety. Major Masri later became a Public Safety Officer – a police officer-firefighter. In 2000, Major Masri joined the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) as a road patrol deputy in District 3. His career at PBSO includes DUI Investigator, Aggressive Driving Enforcement, Strategic Intelligence Agent, Sergeant Road Patrol , Detective Sergeant Crimes Against Children, Court Services, Lieutenant Road Patrol, Detective Lieutenant Violent Crimes (Robbery and Homicide), and Command Duty Officer Road Patrol.

Major Masri currently oversees the newly formed Major Crimes Bureau comprised of the Violent Crimes Division, the Criminal Investigations Division, the Technical Services Division, and the Forensic Sciences Division. Major Masri has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Major Masri is married with two teenage sons.

Maj Sean Murray

Major Sean P. Murray

Major Sean P. Murray serves as a member of the executive staff and commanding officer for the Emergency Operations Bureau. As bureau commander, he is responsible for an annual budget of over $60 million with a staff composition of 208 sworn and 26 non-sworn civilian workforce.  Additionally, he has over 200 special operations personnel from the Emergency Field Force and SWAT units.  The Bureau consists of three divisions: Court Services, Emergency Management, and Special Operations.  It is a large multidisciplinary organization providing operational, strategic, and tactical capabilities, including: courthouse and courtroom security services; all-hazards and emergency management planning, training, and coordination, including incident management team personnel; and special assets and emergency responses, which significantly multiply our agency’s abilities, capacities, and resources.

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Major Darlyn Morris

Major Darlyn Morris

Major Darlyn Morris  is currently the commanding officer of the Security Bureau of the Department of Corrections. The bureau consists of the Main Detention Center, West Detention Center and Central Detention Center (currently closed).

Major Morris started her career with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in 1987. She has been assigned various positions within Corrections. Major Morris was promoted to Sergeant in 1999, Lieutenant in 2004, Captain in 2015 and to the rank of Major in January 2021.

Major Morris has a Bachelor’s degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Organizational Management.

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Teri Barbera

Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs Teri Barbera

Teri Barberaserves as the Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs and is the appointed Public Information Officer for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. With 35 years under her belt at the Sheriff’s Office, Teri has experienced various facets of the agency, from Booking and Inmate Records to Media Relations, now termed Public Affairs.

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Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) Ryan Bernal

Bureau Director Ryan Bernal

Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) Ryan Bernal leads the PBSO Financial Services Bureau, which includes the Accounting, Budget, Internal Controls/Financial Reporting, and Payroll Divisions.

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Bureau Director Christine Cunningham

Christine Cunningham is an accomplished civilian law enforcement professional who currently serves as the Bureau Director for the Records & Digital Services Support Bureau of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the Central Records Division, Records Production Division, the Alternate Response Unit and Operational Technology Unit.

With over 20 years of experience in public safety, Bureau Director Cunningham began her career with PBSO in 2001 as a Communications Officer.  She furthered her career in a municipal police department and returned to PBSO as the Central Records Division Manager.

Christine is an active member of various professional organizations, including the National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators (NAGARA) and the Association of Records Manager and Administrators (ARMA).

In addition to her academic and professional accomplishments, Christine is also a devoted wife and mother.

Bureau Director Tom Cunningham

Bureau Director Thomas Cunningham

Bureau Director Thomas Cunningham began his career in 1997 at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office after receiving an honorable discharge serving in the Military Police Corps of the United States Army.  He has served in various roles within the Communications Division including 9-1-1 Communications Officer, Communications Supervisor, Section Manager and Division Manager.

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Terence Feeney

Bureau Director Terence Feeney

Terence Feeney serves as the Agency’s Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). With more than 30 years of public and private procurement and contracting experience, he serves as the Director of the Commercial Services Bureau. As Director of the Commercial Services Bureau, he has achieved much success in providing oversight and direction in Procurement, Fleet Management, and Logistics & Materials Management. Under his leadership, the Procurement Department has been the recipient of the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement award several years in a row. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) is the only sheriff’s office to have received the award in the award’s twenty-four-year history. In addition, the agency has been awarded THE TOP 100 PUBLIC FLEET award since 2009. In 2018, the PBSO Fleet Department was ranked the 4th Best Public Fleet in the country and the only Sheriff’s Office recognized in the Top 100.

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Sherry Mazorra

Bureau Director Sherry Mazorra

Sherry Mazorra, Chief Financial Officer , is currently assigned to the Financial Services Bureau. Financial Services Bureau encompasses three divisions within the Palm Beach County Sheriff‘s Office: Accounting; Budget and Financial Reporting & Internal Controls. At present, there are 48 civilian employees assigned to these various divisions with a current Operating Budget of $5,700,000.00 for the Fiscal Year 2015-2016.

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Dale Sisson

Bureau Director Dale Sisson

Dale Sisson, Information Technology Bureau Director , started working at PBSO in 1989 in the Radio Shop. As Computer Information Systems was an area he was studying in college he decided to take an opportunity in Information Technology. He stayed in the IT department for over 10 years. During those years he worked through Y2k and assisted in the data migration for the Oracle implementation.

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Bureau Director Karen L Thomas

Bureau Director Karen L. Thomas

Bureau Director Karen L. Thomas is a career Human Resources professional with more than 30 years of experience.  She currently serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer and Bureau Director for the Personnel Services Bureau.  In her role as CHRO, Karen is a member of the Executive Staff and is responsible for leading the Personnel Services Bureau, which encompasses Employment, Labor Relations, Classification & Compensation, Benefits and Risk Management.  A total of 56 employees are currently assigned to these specialty areas to support approximately the 4,000 employees within the agency.

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