Contract Compliance Division

The Corrections Contract Compliance Division is responsible for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office’s Department of Corrections contract compliance and units providing the following inmate services: healthcare, food service, commissary, laundry, programs including education, reading and law library, re-entry, religious and substance abuse education.

The Corrections Contract Compliance Division consists of several units of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Department of Corrections. The Division staff, supporting the overall goals and mission of the Sheriff’s Office, is responsible for services at the Main Detention Center (MDC) and West Detention Center (WDC). The units within the Division are:

  • Corrections Contract Compliance
  • Inmate Healthcare Services
  • Inmate Food Services
  • Inmate Commissary Services
  • Inmate Laundry Services
  • Inmate Programs, including Re-entry Services
  • Inmate Religious Services
  • Inmate Substance Abuse Educational Services

Corrections Contracts Compliance

The Contract Compliance Unit is responsible for the management of correctional contracts. Subject matter experts offer valuable information ensuring correctional contracts contain provisions for required products and services. Management and oversight of these contracts help ensure products and services are provided as agreed. Attention to timeliness, along with appropriateness with regard to quality, quantity, and cost is paramount. In addition to the three largest contracts (services for inmate healthcare, food, and commissary), this unit also handles numerous other contracts, such as waste management, laundry and pest control.

Inmate Healthcare Services

As the largest correctional contract, inmate healthcare services encompass all aspects of healthcare – medical, mental health, and dental care. Starting at Intake, inmates are medically screened, assessed, and evaluated. Under a responsible physician, healthcare services (which include treatment, medications, education, etc.) are provided as ordered. To assist them in obtaining healthcare services in the community, many inmates/patients also receive healthcare discharge planning services. Under the oversight of the Corrections Contract Compliance Division, the healthcare services are currently contracted to and provided by Wellpath LLC.

Inmate Food Services

From acquiring the ingredients to preparing and cooking the food, inmate food services provide inmates with meals that have been planned and approved by a registered dietitian. Inmates receive three meals each day with accommodations made for those approved for special dietary requirements. This unit also provides three meals per day for the local Homeless Resource Center. The inmate food services are currently contracted to and provided by Trinity Services Group, Inc.

Inmate Commissary Services

Inmates may order, at their own expense, a limited amount of additional snacks and canteen items. Indigent inmates are provided with hygiene packs at no cost. The inmate commissary services are currently contracted to and provided by Keefe Group DBA Swanson Services.

Inmate Laundry Services

The Laundry Unit provides daily laundry services at each facility. This unit is responsible for operating and maintaining industrial-size equipment while staying within the budgetary and procedural guidelines set forth by our agency and industry standards. Annually, the Laundry Unit launders approximately one million pounds of inmate uniforms, approved personal clothing, linens, and towels. Additionally, the Laundry Unit oversees a sewing program where inmate workers cover mattresses and pillows which are then used by inmates housed at MDC and WDC.

Inmate Programs, Substance Abuse Education and Services, and Reentry

The Inmate Programs Section is responsible for the development and selection of programs for our inmate population. Programs are designed to enhance the academic and personal development of the inmate population while maintaining compliance with Florida State Statutes, Florida Model Jail Standards, and related standards from other accrediting organizations. A strong focus is placed on reentry services in efforts to prepare offenders to successfully transition back into society. In addition, the Inmate Programs Section provides an array of services to incarcerated juveniles including education in partnership with the School District of Palm Beach County and cognitive behavioral interventions.  Substance abuse education and services are provided through a variety of methods including 12-Step educational materials and meetings (when available), the Another Way Program for drug and alcohol education, and the Medication-Assisted and Peer Services (MAPS) Program for counseling, therapy, medication, education, and peer support to reintegrate into the community upon release from custody. These programs incorporate life skills instruction and strive to instill hope in the inmates so they can make positive changes in their lives.

Religious Services

The Chaplain’s Office coordinates all religious activity within the jails and ensures inmates have access to ministers and spiritual advisors of their preference. Assisting this office is the Religious Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of liaisons representing various faiths and works closely with the Chaplain’s Office to assist with each inmate receiving requested spiritual support. The Chaplain’s Office oversees religious volunteers and coordinates various religious services for the inmate population. Services include Bible studies, church services, spiritual counseling, and the distribution of Bibles and other literature to assist incarcerated individuals in their spiritual growth.

For Additional Information

For any additional information regarding the Corrections Contract Compliance Division, please contact the staff below.

Telephone Directory

Division Manager
(Includes healthcare services)
(561) 688-4439
Administrative Secretary (561) 688-4407
Administrative Section Manager (561) 688-4087
Clerical Specialist (561) 688-4395
Contract Compliance Unit Manager
(Includes food and commissary services)
(561) 688-4405
Laundry Unit Manager (561) 688-4679
Laundry Office Supervisor (561) 992-1129
Inmate Programs Section Manager (561) 688-4462
Clerical Specialist (561) 688-4518
Inmate Programs Unit Manager
(Main Detention Center)
(561) 688-4420
Inmate Programs and Re-Entry Unit Manager
(West Detention Center)
(561) 992-1246
Chaplain’s Office
(Main Detention Center)
(561) 688-4510
Chaplain’s Office
(West Detention Center)
(561) 992-1254
Substance Abuse Education Unit Manager (561) 992-1091