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Mission Statement

The mission of the Media Relations Office is the retrieval and dissemination of accurate police-related information in accordance with Florida law and the criminal and investigation needs of the agency.


The Media Relations Division’s primary function is to review and gather information of public interest for release to the news media and to serve as liaison to the general public.

The Sheriff’s Office Policy is to cooperate fully and impartially with accredited representatives of the news media in gathering and disseminating factual information, pursuant to Florida Statutes where such activities do not subvert the ends of justice infringe upon rights of privacy, or upon individual rights to a fair and impartial trial.

Through continuous contact with the news media, members of PBSO Executive Staff, and employees of PBSO, we are able to disseminate information that meets our statutory internal guidelines.

To reach the Media Relations Office, call (561) 688-3080 or e-mail us at

After regular work days and hours, please use the on-call media relations number 561-644-7117 

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