Inmate Management Division

The Inmate Management Division is one of eight commands within the Sheriff’s Department of Corrections. Sections within Inmate Management include Intake, Release, Classification and Inmate Transportation.

The division is under the command of a captain working with four lieutenants. Three lieutenants supervise the Intake and Release Section (one per shift). The fourth lieutenant is the Administrative Lieutenant who supervises administrative issues, personnel issues, the division’s budget and the Classification Section.

Intake and Release

The Intake and Release Section, utilizing sworn deputies, provides around-the-clock booking and release functions for the entire Sheriff’s Office. This involves the processing of all felony and certain misdemeanor arrests. The intake process includes:

  • accepting personal property inventories
  • physical searches
  • documentation review and bond assignments
  • data entry and removal into/from local, state and national databases
  • criminal history checks
  • fingerprint entry into the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
  • photographs
  • initial medical screenings
  • classification interviews to determine housing assignment
  • movement to appropriate housing

The release process includes the reconciliation of all bookings regarding bonds or fines; review of court orders to ensure lawful releases or transfers; documentation of the person to be released; and the assignment of future court dates. This section is also involved with the registration of sexual offenders and predators, who are still in the custody of the jail.

The Transportation Team provides transportation for inmates going to outside medical/mental health-related appointments, to other facilities, facilities throughout Florida including the Florida Department of Corrections. The Transportation Team also provides community services utilizing inmate labor. Mobile/Remote booking and transportation services may be available to PBC law enforcement agencies when requested for special operations.


Classification operates around the clock in order to provide appropriate inmate housing determinations and assignments to best meet the needs of inmates, staff, and correctional facilities as a whole. Housing assignments are determined through a classification interview as well as an assessment of the inmates’ current charges, criminal histories and known facility behaviors. The majority of inmates are initially housed in orientation housing units until their first appearance in court, after which those inmates who are not released or bond out receive a full Classification interview and are reassigned appropriately. Based upon predetermined factors, certain categories of inmates receive a full interview in the intake area upon admission. Classification is a highly fluid process, necessary to balance inmate needs while maximizing facility security concerns and goals. Additionally, the Classification section oversees the coordination and assignment of all county sentenced inmate workers throughout the Sheriff’s Office and the community.


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