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A Message from FTO Unit Commander…

Hello and welcome to the PBSO Field Training Unit page.  If you are a future applicant, current candidate or certified officer looking for a rewarding career with PBSO, we are glad you visited our page.  I will provide information about the Field Training Program at PBSO and what we have to offer. My staff consists of Sgt. Jeff Israel -LE FTO, Sgt. Andrew Noll – COR FTO, and Stacey Gillotte – Office Manager.  We fall under the command of the Training Division led by Captain Joel Rossi.

There are 47 FTOs in the law enforcement field training program covering 6 training districts and specialty units to include Traffic, K-9, and Community Policing throughout PBSO with Field Training Sergeants and Lieutenants handling the field supervision and training of newly promoted supervisors.  Our unit also assists in the creation of training manuals and daily evaluation reports for other specialty units including Narcotics Unit, Aviation Unit, Gang Unit, and Detective Bureaus throughout the agency. The LE FTO Unit is responsible for new hire training in Community Policing, Community Service Aide, newly hired experienced officers from other agencies across the state and nationwide, academy recruits, and preparing roll call training briefs for the agency.

The LE FTO Program is up to 23 weeks in length and covers all high liability areas so designated from Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), all in-house agency rules, regulations and policies, and methodologies of how work is done at PBSO. The FTO is the trainees’ guide, mentor and evaluator throughout the training to ensure a successful completion of the training. After training is completed the trainee receives assignment to anyone of 16 road patrol districts throughout the county.

There are 48 FTOs in the corrections field training program covering 4 training districts throughout corrections operations.  Sergeants and Lieutenants handle the field supervision and training of newly promoted supervisors. The field training portion for Corrections is up to 6 weeks in length after the successful completion of the in-house academy and new hires are given instruction in custody, care and control. The Corrections FTO Unit is responsible for new hire training is security at Main and West Detention Centers, Inmate Management Division and other specialty units throughout Corrections. The FTO Unit also prepares required monthly roll call training briefs for all personnel in the  corrections setting.

The FTO Unit is committed to providing the best training possible to ensure the new hires that enter into a career in law enforcement and corrections at PBSO are ready to keep the citizens of Palm Beach County safe.


Lt. Kevin O’Brien



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