Professional Compliance


Compstat is a managerial review that employs accountability to promote effectiveness, problem solving, internal/external communication and coordination. The unit has evolved from the widely known New York City Police Department’s Compstat process.

Compstat’s function is to be an effective quality assurance / performance improvement mechanism – tracking and improving the overall Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office delivery of service to the communities it serves. Compstat facilitates coordination between the districts/units of the Sheriff’s Office and encourages problem solving and identifies areas of improvement to enhance operations.

The forum enables Management/Command to discuss what key issues are affecting their operations, how they determined them, what action is to be taken, and how they will measure success. It is an informational-sharing, information-gathering and educational forum all in one. The process encourages a cooperative and positive teambuilding effort amongst all units within the Sheriff’s office.


Staff Inspections

The Staff Inspections Unit provides information to the Sheriff and other members of Executive Staff through a systematic, objective review of facilities, equipment, personnel administration, and operational activities.

Other duties of the Staff Inspections Unit include the development, approval, dissemination, and archiving of policies and procedures and facilitating the agency’s law enforcement accreditation process that is administered by the Commission for Florida law Enforcement Accreditation.

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