A Letter of Gratitude


A Letter of Gratitude

“Dear Sheriff Bradshaw

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to your fellow sheriffs, Brian and Denise.

They were spotted by my children near our neighborhood and graciously came to my home to visit with my sweet mom. My mother lives with us and she suffers from Alzheimer’s. She’s only 71 years old and already she requires assistance for everything. She cannot say much as all her words are jumbled, but when she does, she will mention her childhood horse and how much she loved him.

When I walked her out front, her eyes lit up. She was beyond excited. She pet the horse and rub his nose and touched the bridle. Though she lacks the ability to verbalize her feelings, she did manage to say one thing to Amadeus (the horse). She said, “I love you!”

It certainly brought tears to my eyes and I’m not an emotional person.

Please know that I am extremely grateful for your sheriffs taking the time to allow my mom to have such a special moment with a horse. It may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but to her it meant the world. And maybe, perhaps, she has already forgotten that moment as she sits here in her chair beside me looking quietly out the living room window, but the joyful expression she wore on her face when she touched the horse will always be remembered by me. ”

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