Sheriff Recovering from Surgery

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Sheriff Recovering from Surgery


On May 3, 2022, Sheriff Bradshaw, under advice from his doctors, elected to go forward with a heart procedure. Doctors have confirmed the procedure was successful, he is in good condition and his recovery is going better than expected. He has started physical therapy to expedite his return to normal life.

Sheriff Bradshaw wants the residents of Palm Beach County to know that he has a strong executive and law enforcement team in place who are doing a great job in keeping your families safe. Sheriff Bradshaw is getting regular briefings and is capable of reviewing information and guiding his team.

Unfortunately, rumors and misinformation are being spread throughout the public about the Sheriff’s health to create a perception of weakness or to manipulate the circumstances. Sheriff Bradshaw’s procedure was elective, not due to an emergency. He is receiving excellent medical care and expects to be back to work soon.


April 26, 2022

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw is in a local hospital, resting comfortably, after having a successful medical procedure. His doctors say everything went well and he is expected to make a full and speedy recovery. He is alert and getting daily briefings.

The Sheriff and his family thank the community for their well wishes and he expects to be back to work soon.

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