Results of PBSO Nine Day Operation Hot Wheels

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Results of PBSO Nine Day Operation Hot Wheels

Results of Operation “Hot Wheels”:

  • 812 Traffic Stops
  • 129 Criminal Citations
  • 484 Citations
  • 428 Written Warnings
  • 281 Backups
  • 25 Vehicles Towed
  • 18 Felony Arrests
  • 6 Misdemeanor Arrest
  • 3 Warrant File
  • 112 FIR
  • 1 Gun Recovered


For Immediate Release
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Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office conducted nine Operation Hot Wheels events on various roadways within Palm Beach County.

The primary mission of this operation is to conduct high-visibility, zero-tolerance enforcement of car clubs that meet and engage in traffic violations or violations of other state statues.

Our goal is to make it abundantly clear that we will hold those accountable who commit significant traffic violations including racing and reckless driving.

The locations of this enforcement are in the unincorporated areas of Palm Beach County and contracted cities.