Move Over Enforcement Assists DOT in Cleanup

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Move Over Enforcement Assists DOT in Cleanup

From the Florida Department of Transportation:

“DOT personnel were able to do a litter pick-up of nearly 9.5 miles of roadway, swales, and shoulders, inspect 1.75 miles of Guardrail, clean approximately 33 storm drains, sweep 3.5 miles of bicycle lane and shoulder, and cut one-half mile of trees and vegetation back from a guardrail and roadway over the course of the 4-day operation.  DOT personnel were out there every day doing this type of work but having law enforcement alongside us to help educate the public about moving over for Public Works and Utility vehicles, made doing this work a little easier and safer.”

Results of the 4 day Move Over Enforcement is as follows:  

Traffic Stops – 403
Misdemeanor Citations – 9
Citations – 164
Warnings   – 284


Contact:          Media Relations 688-3080

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office conducted a four day Move Over Enforcement on various roadways within Palm Beach County.    

The primary mission of this operation, is that through multiagency partnership, the general public will become more aware and understand the safety of scene security for emergency vehicles of all types, to safely and effectively service the citizens of Palm Beach County by MOVING OVER.  These efforts will reduce the risk of damage to work vehicles and other property, the risk of injuries and fatalities to emergency responders, and harm or further harm to citizens on scene.