Update – Crash Involving a BMW and School Bus

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Update – Crash Involving a BMW and School Bus


After further investigation, detectives learned shortly before the crash occurred, at 2:00 pm, a male walked into a local bank and attempted to make a fraudulent withdrawal under a fictitious name. While inside the bank, bank personnel became suspicious of the male suspect and called 911. The male suspect began to get nervous and walked out of the bank to an awaiting gold BMW which was believed to be occupied by four individuals.  Bank personnel witnessed the vehicle leave the area at a high rate of speed.

After the crash occurred two occupants inside the vehicle fled the scene and two occupants stayed behind one of which is the suspect who attempted to make the fraudulent withdrawal.  Both occupants were transported to a local hospital.

Our suspect (name to be released soon) was arrested on the following charges:   F.S.S. 817.568 (2)(a) Criminal Use of Personal Identification, 812.014(2)(c)(1) Grand Theft, 817.60 (6)(a) Forgery of a Credit Card(6 counts), 322.212 Unauthorized Possession of a DL(4 Counts).

This investigation is still active and ongoing.


Time:           2:14 pm
Location:    Intersection of Cedar Bluff Place and Aero Club Drive, Village of Wellington


Deputies are currently investigating a crash involving a gold BMW and a School Bus at the intersection of Cedar Bluff Place and Aero Club Drive.

The preliminary information is as follows:  the gold BMW was traveling at a high rate of speed and struck the back of the school bus transporting children from a local elementary school.  Four children/students were reported on the bus and there was a fifth child on the bus that walked home after the crash.  Please reach out to PBC FR regarding the students’ conditions.

The investigation is active and ongoing.