We overhauled Alan's bike

Bike Overhauled

This is Alan. He works at Brooklyn Bagels and his only mode of transportation is his worn out bike. So Deputy Carseni & Deputy Ciuperger decided to arrange and transport the bike to Wheels of Wellington Bike Shop to have it refurbished. Today, we handed Alan his improved bike.

Wanted for theft

Perfumer Pilferer

We understand times are hard, but we can’t end up here. This person is wanted for stealing fragrances from Ulta Beauty. She entered the store and helped herself to fragrances worth over $1900. This took place on July 7, at the Ulta Beauty in the Village of Wellington.

Arrested for Child Neglect

Children in Hot Cars

We can’t stress enough how important it is not to leave your children or pets in the car. We see it way too often.
We arrested this mother for leaving her toddler in a hot car while shopping at Wellington Green Mall. Thamyres Ponce, was charged with Child Neglect.