31st Anniversary Homicide of Rachel Hurley - SOMEONE OUT THERE KNOWS WHO KILLED HER!

Today is the 31st Anniversary Homicide of Rachel Hurley

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Today is the 31st Anniversary Homicide of Rachel Hurley
Someone out there knows who killed her!    Rachel, 14 years of age, was found raped and killed on March 17, 1990 at Carlin Park.

Vehicle Homicide Unit: Wear Your Seat Belt

Wear Your Seat Belt

One of the hardest jobs in our agency is with the Vehicle Homicide Unit. These men and women spend their day investigating serious traffic accidents that usually involve serious injury or death. They use science, math, and high-tech equipment to recreate traffic accidents and determine what exactly happened.
Heartbreakingly, they also have to do the “Next of Kin” notifications. They pay a visit to the closest family member and notify them that their loved ones have been seriously injured or […]

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Avoid Becoming A Burglary Victim

We’ve seen an increase in car burglaries in Lake Worth Beach. Many of these burglaries could be avoided. Here’s how:
·        Do not leave valuables in plain view such as GPS devices, laptops, PDAs, cell phones and purses
·        Do not leave windows open
·        Do not leave doors unlocked
·        Do not leave the keys inside the vehicle
·        Do not leave out items with personal information
·        Do not move valuable items to the trunk while in public view

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