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New year, new shoes

The difference a pair of new shoes can make!
We partnered with our friends from In Jacob’s Shoes to bring shoes and happiness to these group of kids from North Grade Elementary School.
Many of these families have been affected economically by this pandemic. Make 2021 the year of selflessness.

We help Alan fix his bike

It Takes a Village

Remember Alan? Alan’s bikes broke on Sunday. So he called Deputy Carseni and asked if she could help. So she did! Deputy Carseni took it to Village Bike Shop where they were able to fix it, so Alan can continue to use it to go to work.
(see our first story on Alan here)

Cops Helping Kids - Building Bridges

Building Bridges

PBSO Captain Rolando Silva developed a program within the “Cops Helping Kids” organization called “Building Bridges” which helps the children of imprisoned parents.
Many of these young children are hurting emotionally due to their inability to connect with their fathers or mothers due to sometimes lengthy prison sentences. To soften the hurt, the program entails
1.) The parent who is in prison, personally writes a Christmas card to their children,
2.) Cops Helping Kids finds what type of gifts the children need,
3). […]

We overhauled Alan's bike

Bike Overhauled

This is Alan. He works at Brooklyn Bagels and his only mode of transportation is his worn out bike. So Deputy Carseni & Deputy Ciuperger decided to arrange and transport the bike to Wheels of Wellington Bike Shop to have it refurbished. Today, we handed Alan his improved bike.

Annual Christmas Toy Drive 2020

Christmas Toy Drive

On Thursday, we’re having our annual Christmas Toy Drive for the kids of Fallen Deputies. This year, due to the pandemic it’s going to be a drive-thru to collect toys and make sure every child of a Fallen Officer receives a Christmas gift in honor of their parent.

Deputies Help a Stranded Motorist

A Little Help

This is what makes Palm Beach County such an amazing place to live in. No matter where you go, you can always find someone to help you out.
Our deputies saw someone who needed help, stepped up to the occasion and pushed their vehicle to a safe location.

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