Deputies Respond to Renaissance Charter School – Unfounded Threat

PBSO investigation

Deputies Respond to Renaissance Charter School – Unfounded Threat


The investigation revealed that a student saw another student with what appeared to be a handgun.  The student immediately notified a teacher/administration.

Deputies arrived on scene and found NO immediate threat to the school.  Proper protocol was followed.  The students, teachers and administrators were transported to a reunification area so deputies could do a thorough search of the school, backpacks, etc. No weapons were located.  Deputies have cleared the school.

PBSO is proud of the student for coming forward with what he/she perceived as a threat to themselves and the school.  SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING message is always encouraged.


Time: 2:30pm

PBC School buses and Palm Tran buses have transported 844 kids, teachers and administrators, from the Renaissance Charter School to Olympia Park.  The kids will be kept at Olympia Park until their parents arrival.

The investigation is ongoing.


Time:           9:30 am
Location:     Renaissance Charter School, 3200 St. Road 7, Wellington

PBSO received an ACTIVE SHOOTER call which was UNFOUNDED.  However, we are still thoroughly searching the school.  There is a reunification location at Olympia Park, just north of the school, behind Emerald Cove Elementary IF parents want to pick up their children.

 MEDIA staging location is the Life Church on the Westside of 441.

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