Fatal Car Crash

Fatal Crash – 5400 blk Okeechobee Boulevard, WPB, FL

Vehicle 1 (V-1) was traveling westbound on Okeechobee Boulevard at a high rate of speed in the #3 lane approaching V-2. Vehicle 2 (V-2) was traveling westbound on Okeechobee Boulevard in the #2 lane. Vehicle 3 (V-3) was traveling westbound on Okeechobee Boulevard in the #3 lane ahead of V-2. The driver of V-1 (D-1) erratically changed lanes through westbound traffic and entered V-2’s lane of travel. As V-1 entered V-2’s lane, V-1 struck the rear passenger side of […]


Fatal Accident – 12,000 Block of US 27, South Bay 03/29/23

V-1 was traveling north bound within the outside lane of US 27 South, approaching the intersection for an adjacent construction site entrance (Star Quarries).

V-2 entered the roadway of US 27 South, from the construction site entrance, and began traveling northbound within the outside lane of travel.

V-1 while traveling northbound over took V-2 (which was traveling slower while accelerating), and failed to take evasive action, colliding with V-2.

During the collision, the front of V-1 impacted the rear of V-2.

Post impact […]


Fatal Accident – 24000 Block of SR80, BG


Vehicle 1 was traveling westbound in the eastbound inside lane of State Road 80 in the 24000 block. Vehicle 2 was traveling eastbound in the eastbound inside lane of State Road 80 in the 24000 block. As Vehicle 2 was eastbound, Vehicle 1 drove into the path of Vehicle 2. This caused a violent collision between the front of Vehicle 1 and the front of Vehicle 2. As a result of the collision Driver 1 was ejected from Vehicle […]


Fatal Accident – Bacom Point Road/Rardin Avenue, Pahokee 03/01/23

D-1 was operating V-1 eastbound on Bacom Point Road approaching the intersection of Rardin Avenue. For unknown reasons V-1 departed the roadway to the right and mounted the sidewalk. As V-1 mounted the sidewalk it impacted P-1, who was walking eastbound, from the rear. P-1 wrapped the front of V-1 as V-1 continued to travel southeast. As V-1 traversed the intersection P-1 was projected to the ground. D-1 brought V-1 to a stop off of the roadway, exited V-1, […]


Crash on Military Trail and Shenandoah Drive, WPB – 02/07/2023

On February 7th, 2023, Vehicle 1 (V-1) was stopped southbound on Military Trail within the left turn lane at the intersection of Shenandoah Drive on a red turn signal.Vehicle 2 (V-2) was traveling northbound on Military Trail at a high rate of speed within the outside lane approaching the intersection of Shenandoah Drive.Vehicle 3 (V-3) was traveling southbound on Military Trail north of the intersection.As southbound traffic on Military Trail received a green through signal, V-1 began to make […]

PBSO investigation

Fatal Hit & Run Bicycle Crash

Did you happen to see a car crash into a bicyclist that occurred just before 11 pm on Thursday, August 12, 2021, in the 5100 block of Lake Worth Road? The driver fled and the bicyclist passed away.
Witnesses described the vehicle1 as a four door full size pickup truck.
This is what our investigators found…
The pickup truck was traveling eastbound on Lake Worth Road in the 5100 block in the outside lane. The bicyclist was southbound across the eastbound lanes […]