Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day! During this pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in our nation’s youth online activities. So as we move our lives more online, it’s important to be as safe as possible.

Here are some tips for Parents and youth:

#1: Make sure to have open communication with your children about content sharing, as soon as they have access to any technological device.
#2: DO NOT send, ask or share sexually explicit images/videos. Remember, once shared you no longer control the material.
#3: Support friends who don’t ask, share, or forward sexually explicit images/videos.
#4: Report incident to CyberTipline, School Resource Officer, Law Enforcement, Counselor & social media provider/hosts.
#5: Monitor children’s internet use and talk to them about using only safe and age-appropriate websites.
#6: Avoid sharing private information such as your home address, school name, or passwords.
#7: While online, show respect to everyone and avoid blaming or bullying others.
#8: Encourage children to report bullying and online harassment to a parent/teacher or counselor.
#9: Some questions you can ask children: “Have you ever been asked to send or received any inappropriate pics? What would you do if asked or what do you think about that? Start the conversation if you suspect it.
#10: Don’t download or click on any links from strangers.

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