PBSO Deputy Thanks Young Supporter

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PBSO Deputy Thanks Young Supporter

“If you know my boy Jack, you know he loves law enforcement. He’s made it his mission to thank as many LEOs as he can and genuinely feels proud when he gets a smile or “thank you” in return. As you know, Jack has autism and this disability makes it so difficult for him to connect with other people. The fact that he approaches cops, initiates & engages in conversation is a tremendous accomplishment.

There are some officers who have gone out of their way make a huge deal out of Jack’s efforts. These people are changing Jack’s life and probably have no idea that they are making such a huge impact and teaching him valuable life lessons.

Today this officer, Deputy Rodriguez, presented Jack with a plaque to thank him. John and I could not be any more thankful for the gratitude and kindness he showed our boy. Jack is now motivated to do even more (he has exciting news to share soon). It’s very difficult for Jack to make friends because of his autism, but if you ask him who friends are, he will always say Lt. Richard Dunleavy, Sgt Billy DeVito and now Deputy Rodriguez are his 3 best friends. I could not be more proud of Jack, his efforts and the excellent choices he’s made in selecting these wonderful gentlemen to call his friends. Thank you!!! You are heroes to my son because of what you do and you’re now my heroes for who you are, your character and strength of heart. **Please read the beautiful letter Deputy Rodriguez wrote (and made me cry).”

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