Missing Christy Luna Tells Her Story Through Our Social Media 33 Years Later

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Missing Christy Luna Tells Her Story Through Our Social Media 33 Years Later

33 years ago, on Memorial weekend, 8-year-old Christy Luna walked out of her home in search for cat food and was never found.

Although a  massive search was started,  no one was ever charged.  In an effort to revive the case, Media Relations lead a nontraditional social media campaign.

We kicked our social media campaign on May 26th, the day before Christy went missing, all the way until the day after, May 28th.

We used all outlets, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram to reach as many people as possible.

The goal of the campaign was to take the case nationally, said Anthony Rodriguez, PBSO’s Social-Media Unit Manager.

With 53 tweets spread through out the weekend, we discussed in first person Christy’s whereabouts.

All tweets were written as if Christy was describing her experience, using the hashtag #JusticeforLuna.

“I thought it was amazing,” Jennie Johnson, Christy’s mother, said at our news conference.




  • Hi, my name is Marjorie “Christy” Luna. I disappeared 33 years ago, at the age of 8. I was never found and this is my story…
  • I’ll be sharing what happened to me at the exact time it happened, 33 yrs ago, with the hope of bringing justice to my family
  • Let me take you back to 1984, the time when I was a happy child, living in Greenacres with mommy, my sister Allie, Mama Kitty & her babies
  • Who would have thought that tomorrow would be the day I disappeared and was probably brutally beaten, raped, sold or murdered?
  • It was a day like today and as usual, Allie and I were trying to figure what to do… Take us to World mommy, please!  
  • Yay! Mommy says we’re gonna go on a road trip, I think we ARE going to Disney World!!! Everyone is packing! Can’t wait!
  • Give me a D-I-S-N-E-Y! Goo mommy! I love my pom poms, can’t wait to grow up and be a cheerleader
  • Oranges, check, bananas, check, apples, check, sandwiches, check, mommy says no candy! Allie, don’t forget the blanky & pillows, all packed, ready to go!
  • Mommy is driving… I love it when Allie plays with my hair. Yawn! I’m soo sleepy! Hope the kitties back home are okay
  • “Her brother was on the sofa, eatin’ chocolate pie…Her moma was in the kitchen cuttin’ chicken to fry… Just a swingin’,” Love this song!
  • Mommy keeps messin with me, saying: “Look out the window, Christy; you see the Disney Castle?” But it’s not there! Ugh, going back to sleep
  • Tomorrow will be a much better day! I just know it… Good night
  • It’s been a long day but to sum it all up, here is what happened to me 33 years ago today.
  • “Christy Luna. The day before she went missing 33 years ago, today.”
  • Guess what!!!??? We didn’t make it to Disney! Mommy says we don’t have money We came to Dubois Beach instead.
  • Omg, omg, omg! These people are chasing me for taking their beach chair; I didn’t think it was anyone’s chair. Oops! LOL  
  • She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not. . . Picking flowers with Allie Mommy says it’s almost time to go home
  • Hi kitties, finally home. Did you miss me? Gosh, Allie, you can’t just bring your pillow & blankie and lay on the floor. Ugh help us unload!
  • Yay! Mommy is taking me to to bring back some food, I’m starving!
  • Eating and watching Yellow Submarine, the Beatles movie, so many colors! Everyone’s asleep; it’s just me and Mama Kitty
  • Oh no! Mamma Kitty is hungry. I know, I’ll buy her a can of food. Let’s see how much I find in mommy’s car.
  • Love going to Belk’s store, it’s only 6 houses down and everyone knows me. They have my favorite arcade game !
  • I found some coins and a few bottles to exchange, on my way to the Belk’s store I go.
  • Wait, something doesn’t feel right… Someone keeps looking at me… Something is wrong; my heart is pounding . . .
  • HELP!!!
  • Why are you taking me? Why are you doing this? Nothing will ever be the same after this…
  • This is what I remembered happen in 1984. Some say Belk’s store is the last place I was seen. Others say they saw me at the park…
  • Allie wakes up looking for me. . . Tell mom, Allie! Tell her a bad man got me!
  • OMG! Mommy is starting to worry! It’s not like me to be out for so long. She is driving around looking for me, please find me!
  • I always try to be careful! Just a week ago, someone asked me for directions and I screamed and ran home…
  • Mommy & Allie went to my friend’s house and the neighbors. Mommy is holding my picture, asking them if they’ve seen me. It’s about to rain..
  • No, mom! I’m not playing hide-and-seek in the house or outside, behind cars, like I do sometimes. Pinky promise! Justice4Luna
  • “911, what’s your emergency?” – Mommy is calling the cops. Yes, ask for help. Have them look for me, mommy. I’m so scared!
  • It’s raining… It rained for 10 days straight… Justice4Luna
  • Everyone is looking for me…at home, at the neighbors, in sewers, ditches, even in the trunk of cars…
  • I feel so bad for mommy, she hasn’t slept and this rain won’t stop. Let’s pretend it’s a nightmare, one we can wake up from
  • Allie is getting together with The Church where we do Sunday school. They are passing out papers with my picture on them. Thank you
  • Mommy is on the news, now they’ll be able to find me, right!? Everyone is so worried. Breaks my heart to see this
  • Police everywhere. Det. Springer has been looking for me for almost 33 years. They’re saying to call him with any information (561)-688-4013
  • Somebody must have seen something, why isn’t anybody speaking up?! Detective Springer says all he needs is a name.
  • My 60 lb. body was never found. Even after 33yrs, my mommy is still looking for me. Please help mommy and Allie find me
  • No one knows what happened to me, or at least no one has said anything for 33 years, but it’s never too late to speak up.
  • My mommy still lives in the same house I went missing in 1984 hoping I will return one day . . .
  • This is what I would look like today, at the age of 41. Artists from drew this in hopes you would recognize me.
  • Thank you for letting me share my story. Now I ask you to help me. Share my story with others. Help my family find answers.

On the last day of the campaign, Christy also thanked us for the effort on Facebook.

Hey, it’s Christy Luna again.

Thank you to all those following my story all weekend long. Today, the day after I went missing 33 years ago, I will walk you through the final details of my story. Before I leave, I will like to thank PBSO for allowing me to use their social media to reach the masses, The National Missing and Exploited Children Center for their collaboration with the campaign, Det. Springer for providing the details of my story and a special thanks to my mommy, who is still praying for answers. She made sure my personality and bubbly spirit was seen through each and every crafted message of this campaign.

All we are asking is for a name, a detail, a memory or anything else that could help bring justice for me and my family. #Justice4Luna

Anyone with more information about the case is urged to call Detective Springer at  561-688-4013.

Today, 3 days after the campaign finished, we hosted a press conference to answer the public’s questions.

Watch video below:


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