PBSO Deputy Helps Give CPR to Save a Woman

the deputy and officers performed life-saving CPR on the woman who was having a medical emergency. A dash camera video from the sheriff’s car shows the officers performing CPR.
After a call about a medical emergency Friday night, the deputy found the woman turning blue and without a pulse inside a car near Seacrest Boulevard and Northwest 19th Avenue in Boynton, the sheriff’s office said.
The deputy pulled her from the car and performed CPR, the sheriff’s office said. Boynton police […]


Grateful Citizen Suprises PBSO deputy

“You can’t make this up, but the truth is REAL…. Today I get dressed for work, head out to my patrol car and see a note on the windshield. It was a THANK YOU letter from a Citizen supporter! Truly humbling experiences these past two days and so thankful that most people don’t generalize and rather realize that police do a lot.
I then go to my local drive through and make my selection. Get to the window to see […]


Meet Bentley

Meet Bentley. The first time he ran into a police officer he was shy and scared. With the help of his aunt, Racheal, that all changed. She took Bentley to meet some PBSO Deputies and showed him what law enforcement officers do and why they do it.
Today, they came across a police uniform. He just had to have it and show it off to his new friends at The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.
“Thank you… Officer Garfield and officer […]

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