BUSTED Slaughterhouse in Loxahatchee

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BUSTED Slaughterhouse in Loxahatchee

On August 2, 2018, The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office raided a Loxahatchee Groves Farm accused of operating an illegal slaughterhouse. Over the course of a six month period, this farm was investigated for illegal slaughtering and animal cruelty. The Illegal activity was discovered by the ARM (Animal Recovery Mission) who notified the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office successfully completed the investigation into this Farm’s Illegal activity. Three arrests were made associated with the farm activity.

With the assistance of other local, state and federal agencies the illegal slaughtering and animal cruelty activities have been shut down.

Ricardo Cabrera, DOB: 10-10-60, of Loxahatchee
Chico Allen Cabrera, DOB: 10-28-88, of Lake Worth
Roberto Llorente, DOB: 5/11/53

Charges include:
Felony Cruelty to Animals
Conspiracy to Commit Felony Cruelty to Animals
Kill Animals Inhumane Methods
Conspiracy to Commit Killing Animals Inhumane Methods
Cruelty to animals
** possible additional charges

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