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Welcome to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Department of Corrections.

The mission of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Department of Corrections is to provide a safe, secure environment for our staff and inmates by ensuring the maintenance of order within our facilities at all times. The functions of the Department directly support our community and the citizens of Palm Beach County by providing safe, effective and efficient correctional services in support of the goal of successful, productive offender re-entry into society.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Department of Corrections is one of the largest correctional systems in the United States and is accredited by the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission, the American Correctional Association, Prison Rape Elimination Act and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. The Final Audit Reports and recent re-accreditation of PBSO facilities may be accessed at the following links:

American Correctional Association

Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission


PBSO Corrections Inmate Handbook

PBSO Corrections Juvenile Inmate Handbook

Security Bureau

Responsible for Inmate Housing during their period of incarceration.

The MAIN DETENTION CENTER is a 2166 bed facility located on Gun Club Road. Maximum, medium and minimum custody adult males , as well as juvenile and special population male and female inmates are housed in this facility.

The WEST DETENTION CENTER is located in Belle Glade. The 998 bed facility houses all inmate custody levels.

Security Bureau

Major Darlyn Morris

Major Darlyn Morris

Major Darlyn Morris is currently the commanding officer of the Security Bureau of the Department of Corrections. The bureau consists of the Main Detention Center, West Detention Center and Central Detention Center (currently closed).

Major Morris started her career with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in 1987. She has been assigned various positions within Corrections. Major Morris was promoted to Sergeant in 1999, Lieutenant in 2004, Captain in 2015 and to the rank of Major in January 2021.

Major Morris has a Bachelor’s degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Organizational Management.

Operations Bureau

Michael DeVoterMajor Michael DeVoter

Major Michael DeVoter is a dual-certified Corrections professional with more than 25 years of public service. He joined the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office following honorable service in the Persian Gulf as a member of the United States Army.  Major DeVoter has progressed through the ranks and is currently the commander of the Corrections Operations Bureau. The Operations Bureau consists of the following Divisions: Inmate Management, Corrections Court Security, Corrections Support Services, Corrections Contract Compliance, Standards and Staff Development, and Corrections Records and Property.

Major DeVoter earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University and Masters in Public Administration from Barry University.  He is a graduate of the National Jail Leadership Command Academy, as well as maintains certifying manager credentials with the American Correctional Association and the American Jail Association.

Major DeVoter spent his formative years in Boca Raton Florida and is happily married to Dawn for over 25 years.

Corrections Contract Compliance Division
The Corrections Contract Compliance Division is responsible for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office’s Department of Corrections contract compliance and units providing the following inmate services: healthcare, food service, commissary, laundry, programs, re-entry, religious and substance abuse education and services.

Corrections Court Security
Ensures the orderly, timely and secure presence of persons incarcerated in Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office correctional facilities to the various courts of The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, in and for Palm Beach County, Florida.

Corrections Support Services
Corrections Support Services is a highly diversified division that provides critical support to the entire Corrections Division, Law Enforcement and the community.  The district consists of the Alternative Custody Unit (ACU), Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT), Corrections Reserve Program, Corrections Intern Program, and the Visitation Unit.  Collectively, these divisional subcomponents are essential to PBSO’s ongoing efforts to lead through best practice initiatives while remaining in conformity with national and statewide accreditation standards. Our processes and practices are aligned with local and national best practice initiatives and institutional reviews bond by law.
Visitation Information

Inmate Management Division
The Inmate Management Division is one of eight commands within the Sheriff’s Department of Corrections. Sections within Inmate Management include Intake, Release, Classification and Inmate Transportation.

Standards & Staff Development
The Standards and Staff Development Division supports the functions of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, and Department of Corrections. The division consists of Accreditation, Key Control, Security Clearance and Quartermaster. These sections/units and other key staff assigned to the division work hard to support the overall goals and mission of the Sheriff’s Office. The maintenance of standards provides the foundation to be built upon in creating and maintaining working and living environments within our facilities that can be viewed as models for best practices in a correctional setting.


Booking information is available by calling Inmate Records (561) 688-4340. This number will provide information for both PBSO correctional facilities.
Once the bond has been received, processed and executed, all inmates are released from either the Main Detention Center through the Visitor’s Lobby, or the West County Detention Center. Friends and family members of the individual can wait in the Visitor’s Lobby or can be notified by telephone by the individual.
Yes, please see rates below: Inmates cannot receive telephone calls, but have access to a telephone in the housing unit where they are assigned. Telephone calls may be “collect”.  Local calls are $2.55 for the first minute and $0.05 for each additional minute. In-state long distance calls are $2.10 for the first minute and $0.35 for each additional minute. Interstate (out of state) calls are $0.25 per minute for collect calls and $0.21 per minute for debit calls. Phone accounts may be set up through the Securus website at or by calling 800-844-6591.
Educational, religious, and work programs are available to individuals. Among these programs are: Drug/Alcohol Education Medication Assisted and Peer Support Program (MAPS) GED preparation and testing Re-Entry Services Questions or additional information can be obtained by calling Inmate Programs.
Medical, dental and psychological services are provided under a contract with a medical provider. Each facility has nursing staff on duty 24 hours a day to respond to routine medical issues, as well as emergencies.
All information pertaining to inmate visitation can be found by clicking on this link:
Interested individuals can contact Inmate Programs

Volunteer contact information flyer. (link at left).

Please find the Security Clearance Application on this page (link at left).
Mailing or delivery information is noted on the application.

Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE) is a free, anonymous, computer-based telephone service that provides automatic notification when an inmate is released, transferred, or escapes. Only inmates housed in a PBSO Detention Facility will be included in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office VINE program. For obtaining inmate status information call 1-877-846-3435.
If a citizen would like to make a comment about a service they received or observed, write to: Sheriff Ric L. Bradshaw Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office 3228 Gun Club Road West Palm Beach, FL 33406 To utilize the form provided on our web site, go to and click on Internal Affairs listed under the related links, and complete and e-mail the form.
To initiate a complaint against an employee of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, contact Internal Affairs, any supervisor of the agency, or any sub-station or designated district. Complaint forms are available at the front lobby at Headquarters anytime, day or night. The Internal Affairs Division is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Another option is to download a complaint form from our web site. Go to and click on Internal Affairs, listed under the related links. You must have Adobe Acrobat in order to open the file. Once the form is completed, it can be mailed or faxed to: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office 3228 Gun Club Road West Palm Beach, FL 33406 Phone 561-688-3035 FAX 688-3059 Be sure to include in full detail all of the information relevant to the complaint. Include a full name, address, all contact numbers, names and contact information of witnesses, the names of the employee(s) involved, and information that would assist us in conducting a timely investigation.