Corrections Support Services

The Corrections Support Services Division supports the functions of the entire Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Department of Corrections. This Division consists of:

Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Similar to law enforcement SWAT teams, the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a specially selected group of officers who are trained to handle various special tactical, transport and security situations that may arise inside the jail and on its perimeter. This team of specially trained deputies provides in-cell searches for prohibited items and contraband. The team also provides security for high profile and high risk inmates. One team member is also a certified canine handler with a drug-detecting dog that is used in correctional facility searches  and emergency response situations.


The visitation staff is responsible in accordance with all accreditation standards for the development and implementation of visitation programs at both of our correctional facilities. You can find registration and visitation scheduling information by clicking on the visitation link. This link will also provide you with important information about visitation rules and visitor requirements.

Alternative Custody (ACU)

This section is responsible for the administration of the Work Release and the In-House Arrest programs.

The Work Release program allows sentenced inmates to integrate back into society on an incremental basis. Upon acceptance into the program, inmates are allowed to exit the facility for work or training activities but must return at a designated time for nightly housing.

The In-House Arrest Program is a cost-efficient means of monitoring inmates in their own homes with the added benefit of reducing bed usage within our facilities. In-House Arrest is accomplished through the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring, which allows constant satellite supervision. GPS technology allows the Alternative Custody Unit (ACU)  to know  where an inmate is located at all times. The sophistication of this technology permits the ACU to establish exclusionary zones and when violated, the ACU is  immediately notified that he or she is in an unauthorized area. GPS supervision provides a cost effective means of offender control while maintaining a high degree of public safety.

Work Release

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Telephone Directory
Division Commander (561) 688-4436
Administrative Lieutenant (561) 688-4520
Visitation (561) 688-4418
Video Visitation (561) 242-5860
Alternative Custody (561) 688-4920
CERT (561) 688-4558
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