The True Measure of Success #ShareTheGood


The True Measure of Success #ShareTheGood

“This morning, while at Casa Santiago Cuban restaurant in Royal Palm Beach, members of the Enforceable Writs Section were approached by Elizabeth Torres and Elias Becher from Special Olympics Florida, Palm Beach County. Both kids ran up to the above detectives, immediately wrapped their arms around the officers and began thanking us for all we do. Both Elizabeth and Elias told the detectives that they were on the way to go bowling. As I sat in awe, the four began chatting as if they had known each other for decades. We found that Elizabeth hobbies are painting as well as playing the violin. Both talents are displayed on her website . Unfortunately, we also found out that Elizabeth not only suffers from Down Syndrome, but she has had four open heart surgeries and continues to struggle with another heart problem called Sick Sinus Syndrome.

The genuine exchange of authentic love that I observed brought this 25 year law enforcement officer down to his knees. I will never forget how genuinely optimistic and happy both Elizabeth and Elias were when chatting with the detectives.

In an age where self-absorption is king, we fail to see the real beauty right in front of us.  We may think we have real “problems” but we really don’t. Today I found that family, love for your neighbor and sincere friendships are the true measure of success.

I will forever thank Elizabeth and Elias for teaching me this.”

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