Student Protect Palm Beach County

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The Nation’s #1 app technology for students, parents, staff and faculty to report threats and suspicious activity, receive instant safety alerts, and make one-touch GEO-tagged 911 calls.

All integrated into a world-class information and threat distribution system for law enforcement.

Anonymously Report Threats and Suspicious Activity
Powerful threat and suspicious activity reporting by category of threat/concern. User can also send images and video.

Backed by a world-class information distribution system for law enforcement and cooperating agencies with the power to instantly distribute information. All users have the option of totally anonymous reporting of threats and suspicious activity.

Select your school for instant alerts and notifications
By selecting your individual school,you can receive specific alerts and information about your school.

Instant 911 calls
that send law enforcement to your exact location for help

In an emergency, users can instantly initiate a call to 911 that simultaneously sends their exact GPS location for law enforcement and first responders.


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