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The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Domestic Violence Unit is comprised of a sergeant, two detectives and 5 domestic violence advocates. We investigate more complex cases of domestic violence/dating violence and assist victims through the criminal justice process. If someone you live with is beating you or threatening you, YOU CAN TAKE ACTION. Knowing your legal rights is the first step towards ending the abuse.

The Domestic Violence/Dating Violence laws protect you if you are being physically or sexually abused or threatened by your spouse, former spouse, another family who Is or Was living in the same household as you or a significant other. The law protects you from abuse by a person with who you have a child in common. You need not be married to the abuser or related to be protected under the law.

Victims of domestic/dating violence have the right to go to court and file a petition requesting an injunction for protection from domestic/dating violence. Our Domestic Violence Advocates are here to assist and accompany victims of domestic/dating violence with filing the petition and being there with them through the criminal justice process.

You may contact the Domestic Violence Unit at one of the following numbers:

Domestic Violence Detectives:

Domestic Violence Advocates: