Scam Alert


Scam Alert

On January 22nd, a victim reported receiving a call from a suspect whom identified himself as Lt. Cross, with the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office. The suspect told the victim a warrant was issued for his arrest for failure to attend jury duty, but the matter could be resolved if a fine of $5,555.00 was paid.

The suspect instructed the victim to purchase prepaid NetSpend Reloadit with a $500 value each and call back with the authorization number.

Once the authorization is received the warrant would be released. The suspect called from (561) 232-8580, a recorded message that answers and identifies himself as Lt. Cross with Palm Beach County Court and asked to leave a message.

This is not a practice of the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office to request with payment over the phone. This is a SCAM make a report to your local law enforcement agency.

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