Press Release: Vigil in Royal Palm Beach

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Press Release: Vigil in Royal Palm Beach

Deputies Make One Arrest During An Unruly Vigil in Royal Palm Beach

Time: 8:25 pm

Location: 10700 Okeechobee Blvd, Royal Palm Beach

Over 100 individuals were gathered in the median and blocking the roadway at Okeechobee Blvd and Wildcat Way, Royal Palm Beach, near the crash site of a fatal crash that occurred earlier today. Deputies arrived and asked the individuals to leave the median and walk over to the sidewalk to continue with their vigil. In addition, the individuals were lighting candles which caused a small fire. All individuals refused to leave the median area. Some members of the crowd threw objects at the deputies which were later determined to be water bottles. After multiple warnings to disperse were denied deputies shot non-lethal pepper ball (mace balls) rounds into the ground. At that time the crowd dispersed. One adult male approached a deputy saying, “I am not moving, you are going to have to shoot me” and balled up his fists. This male was arrested for Unlawful Assembly and Resisting Arrest with Violence.

The area was cleared shortly after 9:00 pm.

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