PBC Jail Coronavirus FAQ

News Updates


  • As of April 20, 2020, 70 Deputies have been tested, 15 are in quarantine and 4 have tested positive.
  •  Masks:
    • Masks for staff are from a vendor (Surgical, N95, 3M respirators).
      The mask for inmates were made at PBSO’s West Detention Center (WDC).

      • 8 Inmates on mask duty have made 4200 masks since 4/13.
      • In accordance with the guidelines set forth by the State of Florida; the workers receive gain time (5 days per each month worked)
    • As of Friday 4/24 masks have been distributed at the WDC and the MDC is in process.
    • Arrestees will receive masks when they are housed
    • Inmates are encouraged to wear the mask while in the housing units. Masks are required when out of the housing unit. Failure to follow staff instructions may result in disciplinary action.
    • Will the inmates wear the mask to court as well? Yes.



  • Temperature units have been installed in the Main Courthouse, the STAFF entrance way of the Main Jail and the West County Detention Center
  • All Corrections Deputies are wearing masks and gloves (which are changed routinely)
  • We are temperature testing each and every inmate weekly in both jails
  • We are enforcing social distancing and hand washing through verbal conversation, educational videos, literature, and signs in the housing areas
  • As of today, April 10, 2020, NO Inmates have tested positive for COVID-19


When an arrestee arrives at the corrections facility, they are met in the sally port area and screened by a medical professional for temperature and symptoms of illness.  Numerous questions are asked of the arrestee and if the overall triage brings concern, they are transported to the hospital for clearance.  No one enters the building, including the arresting deputy/officer without being screened.  In the event there are symptoms, the deputies/officers and arrestees wear masks to protect everyone.  All law enforcement deputies and corrections deputies have issued masks.

Inmates in Dormitory Settings

Daily education is provided to the inmates via posters and video.  The video is played six times daily and provides instructions from CDC on how to stay safe in this pandemic.  Soap is provided to inmates and they are encouraged to wash their hands in hot water as per the guidelines.

Inmate feels Ill

If anyone displays symptoms, deputies or inmates, they are quarantined and reviewed by medical.  Steps are taken to isolate others who may have contact with the individual with symptoms until they are tested and cleared by testing.  We have published the number of staff who have tested positive to the public/media. NO inmates have tested positive at this time.

Temperatures are being taken

We have started taking temperatures of all the inmates as a precaution with non-touch gauges.  In addition, we are examining ALL who enter the building; employees, deputies, vendors or delivery folks who partially enter the building.

Be assured

Our administrative staff is constantly providing direction and developing protocol to meet any demands they are confronted with, including the possibility a loss of staff occurs.

Along with the education of inmates, the staff is also trained in all the CDC requirements to distance themselves from others.

Sheriff Bradshaw has invested in innovative ways with the latest technology to keep the inmates and his employees safe.

Communication continues with Inmates

A complaint was lodged that lines of communication between inmates and their families was stopped.  The Video Visitation center is OPEN and is FREE to the families and friends of all inmates.  Inmates are allowed two visits per week.  The center is diligent in sanitizing the areas used by the families to ensure their safety.
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