Help for an Unfortunate Visitor

Helping Scott get back home

Help for an Unfortunate Visitor

Deputy Maldonado, one of PBSO’s Homeless Intervention Specialists, came across a young man named Scott in Mangonia Park one day. After a short conversation, he learned Scott was having a difficult time in Illinois and headed south for a new start. However, only days after arriving, he ended up in a terrible car accident and lost all possessions including his wallet, money, and even his phone. So he was left on the streets.

Deputy Maldonado immediately started to problem solve. He was able to locate and contact Scott’s mother back home to ease her mind, after not hearing from Scott for several days. He secured a plane ticket and alongside D/S Mackey drove Scott to the airport so he can go back home.

Our last words to Scott were: “Don’t ever let failure dictate your future”. Scott smiled under his mask and threw a peace sign.

Godspeed, Scott.

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