Grateful Citizen Suprises PBSO deputy


Grateful Citizen Suprises PBSO deputy

“You can’t make this up, but the truth is REAL…. Today I get dressed for work, head out to my patrol car and see a note on the windshield. It was a THANK YOU letter from a Citizen supporter! Truly humbling experiences these past two days and so thankful that most people don’t generalize and rather realize that police do a lot.

I then go to my local drive through and make my selection. Get to the window to see a car fly up next to me and a lady jump out of her vehicle! I react only to find out that she is demanding to pay for my meal! We argue, I lose and just sit back down there in disbelief.

Suddenly it hits me, that I have to share these encounters and encourage others, police and civilian to do more random acts of kindness.” – A Humbled PBSO Deputy

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