Deputy Saves Lives of Majestic Animals


Deputy Saves Lives of Majestic Animals

On October 6, 2018, at approximately at 3:50 am Deputies responded to a barn fire.

Upon the arrival of Patrol Units, a crime scene was established and Fire Rescue attacked the fire. Deputy Rhoads immediately recognized a large amount of smoke engulfing the stalls of 5 horses which appeared to be in distress. The owner of the horses was an elderly male and he appeared to be in shock from the incident.

Deputy Rhoads had limited experience with horses but knew he must take action and did. He used great wisdom by starting to rescue the horses closest to the fire. One at a time, he placed bridals on the horses and led them to their paddock. The smoke was thick and he risked himself to save these horses. The owner of the horses was so grateful that he could not express in words how happy they were to have the horse saved from this tragic incident.

Deputy Rhoads’ quick thinking and compassion saved the lives of these majestic animals.

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