Rough Times, Kind Deputy

Our road patrol deputies responded to a shoplifting in progress at a local Supermarket. The suspect, a young mother named Alicia, got out of the store and made it home before our Street Team Deputy Thomas San Filippo located her. Alicia had stolen two boxes of diapers, sippy bottles, two toy cars, and a doll.
She explained to us that she has been down on her luck and recently had to move in with her mom. She can no longer […]


Sheriff Ric Bradshaw Speaks at Seventh Day Adventist Service

We hear you and we want you to know that we are working to gain your trust. Our Sheriff, Ric Bradshaw, spoke to the Seventh-day Adventist Church to answer your questions and concerns. He also discusses how we meet all the guidelines of #8cantwait.

Sheriff Bradshaw speaks to Local Clergy about George Floyd
Sheriff Ric Bradshaw speaks to the community regarding George Floyd and the steps his Office has taken to address the unrest.
Posted by PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff's […]


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

“Today my son and I stopped Deputy Dufort and his partner from district 6 and Deputy Desir from district 14. We gave them flags and cards for Christmas. We have donated 23 blue line flags in the last 30 days to road patrol officers, city police stations and also Broward County Sheriff’s Office. My goal is to teach my children to respect police officers. I see the media only likes to show the bad things to get ratings. I […]


Deputies Eckes, Metz and Parrales assisted the Monjaraz family by providing them with a new refrigerator.

Deputies Eckes, Metz and Parrales assisted the Monjaraz family by providing them with a new refrigerator.
D/S Eckes met the Monjaraz family during a call for service at their residence. During the call, D/S Eckes discovered the Monjaraz family was enduring financial hardship. The economic distress kept the family from replacing the refrigerator, preventing the preserving/storing of perishable foods due to the malfunctioning refrigerator.
Deputies Eckes, Metz ad Parrales, working on their own, obtained a new refrigerator and presented as a […]


“Earlier this evening, Heriberto stopped to help me fix my flat tire in a dimly lit parking lot.”

Great job to Heriberto Aviles, a civilian Service Advisor with PBSO Fleet Management for caring. PBSO received this letter 
“My name is Gary Radziwon, I live in Palm City Fl. I just wanted to make you aware of what a kind hearted employee you have working for you. Earlier this evening Heriberto stopped to help me fix my flat tire in a dimly lit parking lot. I have never met him before and he didn’t know me but that didn’t stop […]


We have to take care of each other no matter who’s in need.

“While working today this citizen came up to me while I was typing a report. He said his name is Gary and he was wondering if I can help him out. Gary said he hasn’t eaten in two days asked me if I could buy him some food. I thought to myself if there’s a person in need, my job is to help them out the best I can. I don’t believe in giving money as it may be […]


Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw Hosts National Night Out On Crime 2015

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, local businesses, and community leaders held a National Night Out on Crime event in Royal Palm Beach, Fl. It was a family event with food, PBSO Specialty Units, and all kinds of activities for families and kids.
The goals were to educate the public to decrease crime in our county and also to create good relations between PBSO and the citizens of Palm Beach County.
Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said “What’s important tonight is not so […]

PBSO Deputy Humbled

A Kind Citizen Gives Deputies a Gift Card and THANKS Them for the Service to the Community

A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Deputy had a heartwarming encounter with a member of the community at a restaurant. In the words of PBSO Deputy Rashtchy, “I was having dinner with another Deputy on Saturday night (10/17/15) at Chipotle. While we were eating, a gentleman walked by and put a gift card in front of both of us, thanked us for our service and walked away. We immediately got up to thank him and let him know it […]

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