PBSO Deputies Read a Children’s Safety Book to Wynnebrook Element

Deputies Read a Children’s Safety Book to Wynnebrook Elementary School Children today.
PBSO Special Events/Animal Kindness Unit authored a children’s book called “Be a Buddy Not a Bully” and deputies read this book to Kindergarten classes at Wynnebrook Elementary School.
The voices of this book: Detective Finicky Finnagan, a yellow lab and Dashing Dory, a Yorkshire terrier both work for PBSO as detectives. Detective Dashing Dory’s little sister Callie comes home from school a victim of bullying, then Detective Finicky Finnegan’s […]


PBSO Deputy Kenneth Torrence – A True Inspiration

PBSO Deputy Kenneth Torrence splits his time between working as a Corrections Deputy at the Western Detention Center during the day (in Belle Glade, Florida) and coaching basketball at Belle Glade Central High School at night.
Deputy Torrence tries to be a great role model to inmates and high school basketball players alike, not only being a basketball coach, but a coach for life.


Trash Clean-up

PBSO Dist. 1 CP unit, conducted a clean-up operation at multiple locations throughout District 1. Using inmate workers, the amount of trash, debris, and furniture cleaned up totaled approximately 21 cubic yards.
The first location cleaned was the vacant lot located north of the shopping plaza at 4483 S Congress Ave. All of the trash was cleaned up along the roadway and the grass was mowed back to the fence line utilizing equipment loaned to us by All State Equipment.
The […]



Presented By Hanley Center & the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
To effectively restrict the impact of the prescription and synthetic drug pandemic and its far-reaching effects through common awareness, communication and networking within our communities locally, regionally and nationally.
Drug Summit Panels:
Criminal Justice, Law & Order
a) Has enough of an effort been made to curtail or combat problems with prescription and synthetic drug abuse.
b) What are the current trends
Legislative/Elected Officials
a) What role should government play in providing drug treatment.
b) Where […]



Today The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and The Charlotte Hans Board Presented a total of $20,000 to two PBSO recipients (a Check of $10,000 each) that have been going through hardship. The money was raised in an Annual Softball Challenge that took place Saturday, Nov. 16 at Wellington’s Village Park. The event benefits Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office employees or immediate family members who suffer illness or devastating events. The event was named in memory and honor of […]

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