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PBSO Deputy Saves Dog

“Palm Beach County K9 deputy sprang into action when an unresponsive dog was dying from what appeared to have been a heat-related incident. The quick response by this deputy and the help of bystanders saved Tysons life. Tyson is doing well now and his owner came back to the scene to thank this awesome deputy for doing what comes natural to the police! Well done, Deputy Russell from PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office YOU ARE A HERO!” […]


Victim of Stolen Bicycle is Surprised By An Act of Kindness By Deputies

Deputies made a positive difference in a victims life today.  Mr. Clinton Hamilton is 72 years old and does not drive.  He relies on his bicycle to get him to and from his job at Crestwood Middle School.  When deputies learned he was a victim of a stolen bicycle they bought him a new bike, helmet and chain.  He could not believe the kindness!


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PBSO Deputy Thanks Young Supporter

“If you know my boy Jack, you know he loves law enforcement. He’s made it his mission to thank as many LEOs as he can and genuinely feels proud when he gets a smile or “thank you” in return. As you know, Jack has autism and this disability makes it so difficult for him to connect with other people. The fact that he approaches cops, initiates & engages in conversation is a tremendous accomplishment.
There are some officers who have […]


PBSO Deputy Caught Praying With The Community

“I was at a nail shop in a plaza by wal-mart on 441 and belvedere and there was an accident that happened in the plaza where a older gentleman crashed into the bagel place … After the officer help him and made sure the gentleman was okay he walked back to his motorcycle him and the young man were having a conversation and out of nowhere this lady walked over and asked them to pray with out hesitation they […]


Young Man Gives Thanks To Local Deputies

Thank you Jack!
“Jack has autism and loves law enforcement. He was so excited to use his own money to buy them breakfast and have the opportunity to thank them for all they do. Please feel free to share that post if you’d like… the deputies were so kind to Jack “


A Letter of Gratitude

“Dear Sheriff Bradshaw
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to your fellow sheriffs, Brian and Denise.
They were spotted by my children near our neighborhood and graciously came to my home to visit with my sweet mom. My mother lives with us and she suffers from Alzheimer’s. She’s only 71 years old and already she requires assistance for everything. She cannot say much as all her words are jumbled, but when she does, she will mention her childhood horse […]


PBSO Rookie Officer Nico

Meet our new PBSO “Rookie” Officer Nico.
5 year old, Rookie Officer Nico approached our deputy, in full uniform, shook his hand and said, “I want to protect people like you do”! After giving Rookie Officer Nico a quick lesson on the siren’s & lights, he whispered to our deputy and said, “OK, Let’s go catch bad guys”!
This little boy MADE OUR DAY!


Ana Cecilia Ship Sunk In Memory of Those Lost at Sea

You will never be forgotten Deputy Fernandes Jones.
Palm Beach County sunk the ship, Ana Cecilia, off the coast of Palm Beach as an artificial reef. Ana Cecelia is dedicated to the memory of D/S Fernandes Jones, his son – Jaden, his step-father – Willis Bell, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos. This memorial will serve as a marine sanctuary, a tribute to their love of the sea, life regenerating and continuing on.

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