Fleet Watch


The goal of Fleet Watch is to increase the eyes and ears in our community to better detect criminal activity. This is done by organizing employees who drive vehicles throughout Palm Beach County during their normal work routine. Several examples of this would include tow truck, utility, phone, delivery, and maintenance company drivers. The police cannot be everywhere all the time, so we rely on citizens to assist use in a variety of ways. Community crime prevention programs work, and Fleet Watch is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent crime in Palm Beach County. The Fleet Watch program helps to reduce all types of crime and improves the relationship between PBSO and the business community.

The Fleet Watch program not only enables drivers to quickly notify the police with reports of criminal activity in progress, but PBSO also provides participants with crime alerts for known suspects, vehicles, or specific crimes. Fleet Watch drivers are not expected, nor are they encouraged, to physically intervene in a situation that they might observe. Drivers should use their two-way radio (if applicable) or cell phone to quickly call police and report the suspicious activity or incident.

For additional information on programs offered, or to schedule a presentation for your group, please contact the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Threat Assessment Unit at 561-688-4853 or email us at crimeprevention@pbso.org.

Note: This phone number is monitored by civilian staff during normal business hours.

Click the below link for our brochure: 

Fleet Watch Brouchure