Business Partnership Program

Dear Business Owner/Manager

The goal of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is to inform business owners, managers and employees of the vulnerability of the crimes that could occur in their workplace, to themselves, or to their patrons.

The Business Partnership Program is a unique program designed for businesses to establish a formal network of communication between businesses in a specific area or industry, their employees and the Sheriff’s Office regarding crime related problems.

Businesses also have the ability to purchase, from a vendor, Trespass Warning Signs for their business to protect their investment. Emergency and late night contact information is provided by the business in order that PBSO can quickly contact the representative in case of a crime or suspicious incident. 

Benefits for Businesses

  • Faster contact during emergencies
  • Email alerts of crimes related to your business type
  • Access to PBSO crime prevention deputies to share and distribute information about suspicious incidents that have occurred in your business

Benefits for Law Enforcement

The Business Partnership Program (BPP) asks everyone in businesses to be the eyes and ears of local law enforce­ment agency. In turn, your Sheriff’s Office can better serve your business community by having instant access to your contact information. For more information please click on this link to access the program: and apply online.