Special Investigations Division

Dear Friends,

My name is Captain Steven Strivelli and I am the Commander of the Special Investigations Division. I have been employed with the Sheriff’s Office since 1998.  My experience at the Sheriff’s Office includes assignments in Road Patrol, Violent Crimes, Narcotics, Special Investigations and the S.W.A.T. Team.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Barry University in 2001.

I am fortunate to be the Commander of a group of highly skilled and passionate investigators and non-sworn employees, dedicated to providing services to some of the most vulnerable victims in Palm Beach County. There are several diversified investigative units, which comprise the Special Investigations Division. These units include Financial Crimes, Fugitive Warrants, Computer Crimes, Domestic Violence, Sexual Predator/Offender Unit, and Crime Against Children/Sex Crimes. One of the most important elements in conducting investigations is creating partnerships with the community. My staff and I look forward to serving the residents of Palm Beach County as well as those who are visiting our beautiful county.


Captain Steven M. Strivelli

The Crimes Against Children / Sex Crimes Unit

The Crimes Against Children / Sex Crime Unit is responsible for investigating all allegations of child abuse and neglect. They also investigate all sex crimes against children, as well as adults. Other types of investigations handled by this unit include; child homicides and unexpected child deaths, child abductions, physical abuse to the elderly, and missing persons.

Sexual Predator and Offender Tracking (S.P.O.T.) Unit

The S.P.O.T. Unit is responsible for tracking approximately 700 registered sexual offenders and predators, who are currently residing in Palm Beach County. This unit also holds community notification workshops, in an effort to educate the community on sexual offender laws and the location of the offenders throughout the county. For more information about Sexual Predators/Offenders that may be in your area, Go to FDLE to search for Sexual Predator/Offender Database.

Financial Crimes Unit

The Financial Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating a wide variety of cases to include: identity theft, exploitation of the elderly, Internet fraud, embezzlement, and other various schemes to defraud. The unit offers training classes such as, Identity Theft, Exploitation of the Elderly and Fraud, to community groups.

Fugitive Warrants Unit

The Fugitive Warrants Unit is responsible for the detection, location and apprehension of person(s) who are considered to be fugitives from justice. The unit assists federal, state and local agencies with the apprehension and extradition of fugitives, arranges prisoner transportation to and from out-of-county and out-of-state extraditions. Handles extraditions of fugitives from other states who have been arrested in Palm Beach County, and assists other states who have arrested fugitives from Palm Beach County.

Computer Crimes Unit

The Computer Crimes Unit serves as the Palm Beach County Computer Regional Lab for the L.E.A.C.H. (Law Enforcement Against Child Harm) Task Force. The unit is responsible for conducting computer forensic examinations on all types of cases, including child pornography, financial crimes, homicides and arson. The unit also conducts online investigations as well as providing training classes to the community. The classes are geared toward Online Child Safety and are offered to both children and parents.

Victim / Witness Unit

Victims and Witnesses of crime have been guaranteed certain rights based upon the Florida Constitution. This unit exists to ensure that those traumatized by crime are informed of these rights. This unit will further assist PBSO and any agency that assists victims, through training and networking, to ensure all victims and witnesses are treated with dignity, fairness and respect.