Sexual Predator / Offender Tracking Unit

In March of 2000, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office established the Sexual Predator & Offender Tracking Unit (SPOT). The unit is responsible for ensuring registered sexual predators and offenders comply with their conditions of probation and registration requirements within Palm Beach County. The unit also notifies the community of any registered sexual predator living within their neighborhood.

SPOT works closely with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Department of Corrections, local police municipalities and the US Marshals Service. This partnership has been successful in tracking sexual offenders who attempt to abscond from probation or their registration requirements. The unit conducts surveillance of high risk offenders and participates in community address verification sweeps.

Registration Information

Sheriff’s Office Stockade Facility


673 Fairgrounds Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Phone: (561) 688-4990
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri from 8am- 3:45pm
(closed holidays)