Report Graffiti

Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County is asking the public’s assistance in reporting graffiti along roadways, on utility poles and boxes, traffic signs, in business plazas, in & around perimeter walls, and on abandon businesses and homes.  A community’s first step in taking back its streets is getting rid of graffiti immediately.  The quicker we can identify and remove graffiti, the less likely there will be a reoccurrence.

In early 2005, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw established the Graffiti Eradication Program.  Essentially, this program consists of deputy supervised inmates or sanctioned juveniles to rapidly respond to any reports of graffiti within Palm Beach County and clean them up.  In 2014, the Graffiti Eradication Program is credited with the removal of over 600 incidents of graffiti.   

If you see graffiti – regardless if you have suspect information – report it to Crime Stoppers.  Just take a photo on your smartphone, upload it with an address, and other information.  Thanks for showing your concern about your community. 

To report grafitti, please fill-in the form below.

*This is not an official Sheriffs Office Incident Report.*
*If you are reporting a crime please call 911*

Providing your name is not required although it is recommended so we may contact you for further information if necessary. The information you provide will be given to the appropriate personnel for follow-up. All information you submit, including your identity if disclosed, will be kept confidential if you desire.

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