Watergate Estates

The Watergate Estates mobile home community is a very diverse community with a mixture of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. There are approx. 900 residents in this community and near half that population is families with children age ranges from 1 yr to 16 yrs old. The Watergate Estates community is not a “trailer park” in the sense that every resident owns the land that their mobile home is on therefore making this a “community” of mobile homes.

The PBSO Community Policing Division opened a PBSO Community Policing Satellite office in September of 2006 on the Calvary Chapel property in the middle of the community making the Community policing deputies more accessible to the community and gives us a place to hold community events and staging area for community cleanups and other community oriented activities.

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Broken Windows
The Broken Windows Theory, by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling, basically states that if an area looks good, it sends a message that someone cares and crime tends to decrease. Should one window get broken and go un-repaired, other windows will probably get broken.

Another tool is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED. This program uses landscaping, lighting, and window placement to show that areas are monitored and have ownership.

SARA Model
Since Community Policing addresses the root of problems, rather than the symptoms, the SARA Model is used. SARA is an acronym for:

  • Scanning: Information is gathered
  • Analysis: The information is analyzed
  • Response: A plan is made to address the root issues
  • Analysis: Was the response successful?

If the Analysis shows that the plan was successful, the issue can be closed-out as a success. If not, a new SARA plan can be initiated until the issue has been resolved.

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