Kindness for a Homeless Veteran

Kindness for a Homeless Veteran

We’re telling everyone to stay home, but sadly not everyone has a home to go to. Our deputies responded to a call of a Homeless man who did not appear to be well. After meeting with him they found out he was a veteran, who fought for our Country and was hungry with nowhere to go.

This Veteran from Daytona was robbed. He has a sister in Florida but she has terminal cancer so he doesn’t want to bother her. He had a few dollars on him and asked for help. Deputy Perez and Deputy Wensyel from Lake Worth couldn’t ignore the situation.

They took it upon themselves to buy him a warm meal and find him a room to stay in, they paid for it out of their own pockets. This Veteran was so happy and grateful, but he has no idea that our deputies felt privileged to sit with him and hear all of his stories.


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