District 8

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Detectives Investigate the Death of a Wellington City Hall Worker

Deputies responded to an accidental injury that occurred at the Wellington City Hall building located in the 12300 block of Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington.
Upon their arrival they met with a male who stated that he was power washing the roof of the building with Thomas Hollihan when Thomas stepped out of the lift’s basket to get to an area that couldn’t be reached.
The male observed Hollihan slip and fall approximately 30 feet from the roof.
Hollihan was trauma hawked to […]


Wedding Ring Burlary at Wellington Mall

Can you believe this woman?
We want to talk to her for stealing the victims wedding ring from a store at the Wellington Green Mall.
The victim was sampling a product at Bath & Body Works when she removed her wedding ring & band, placed it on the sink and washed her hands. A young girl was captured on surveillance video picking up the ring and showing it to two adults. Seconds later the female and adults left the store without […]


A Letter of Gratitude

“Dear Sheriff Bradshaw
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to your fellow sheriffs, Brian and Denise.
They were spotted by my children near our neighborhood and graciously came to my home to visit with my sweet mom. My mother lives with us and she suffers from Alzheimer’s. She’s only 71 years old and already she requires assistance for everything. She cannot say much as all her words are jumbled, but when she does, she will mention her childhood horse […]

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