COVID 19 Help for the Elderly

Volunteer Help for the Elderly

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has established a new program to assist our Palm Beach County elderly residents who are unable to get out of their homes to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy. Our amazing team of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Volunteers is ready to deliver orders directly to their doors. All orders must be PREPAID.
Instructions for our Elderly Residents:
– When you place an order online or on the phone, make sure to leave your name on the […]

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Bradshaw: Stay Home

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has been very clear from the beginning. “If you don’t have to be out, the smart thing is just to stay the heck home.”
An emergency order from county leaders issued this week closed what are considered by the county to be “non-critical” businesses and took effect at 5 p.m. Thursday.
“The bottom line is if you don’t have to go to these places and you don’t have to be out, the smart thing is just stay […]

A Domestic Abuse Reminder

Domestic Abuse Reminder

We understand that staying home might be easier for some than others. For everyone experiencing abuse during this COVID 19 social distancing, the Domestic Violence Hotline is still operating 24/7. If you’re concerned for your safety or a loved one, call 1-800-799-7233. For emergencies, call 911


Beware of Scammers

Not even the current situation stops people from Scamming! Many are even using today’s circumstances surrounding COVID 19 to scam people by marketing fake test kits, door-to-door visits and other sneaky ways to steal from people. Stay alert!


Kindness for a Homeless Veteran

Kindness for a Homeless Veteran_01

Kindness for a Homeless Veteran_02

Kindness for a Homeless Veteran_03

We’re telling everyone to stay home, but sadly not everyone has a home to go to. Our deputies responded to a call of a Homeless man who did not appear to be well. After meeting with him they found out he was a veteran, who fought for our Country and was hungry with nowhere to go.
This Veteran from Daytona was robbed. He has a […]

Cynthia Moffett Murder

Cynthia Moffett – 14 Years Ago

On a day like today, 14 years ago, Cynthia Moffett was murdered during what appeared to be an attempted robbery. The suspects fled with $300 in coins and left a family with a lifetime of grieving. This year, we bring you her story. Listen to it here:

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