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Now You Can Text 9-1-1 in Palm Beach County

Even though this technology is now available, it is important that you still CALL WHEN YOU CAN AND TEXT WHEN YOU CAN’T
Here are a few things you need to know about Text to 9-1-1.
When should you text?

Texting to 9-1-1 is an option for individuals that are:
Hard of hearing
Have a speech impairment
Or in an emergency situation where a voice call is not possible

With texting to 9-1-1 now available, why is it still so important to call?
When seconds matter, a […]

Those who serve and protect

Honoring those who served and protect

In the past week, 3 officers were killed in the line of duty and several were injured by gunfire and assault. So far this year, one Police Officer has died in the line of duty PER WEEK on average. Let’s honor those who served and protected their community. Let their sacrifice never go unnoticed.


Operation Heat Shield II

Active Shooter Emergency Drills
Several regional Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue agencies in South Florida participated in Operation Heat Shield II to test coordination, response and rescue efforts through a set of emergency scenario drills.
These drills consisted of various scenarios such as an Active Shooter in a Mall and in a School. A total of 6 different scenarios were played out all throughout Palm Beach County.

Jacqueline Robledo Arrested

Arrest for Misuse of Laser Lighting Device

Today just before 1:00 am, our PBSO helicopter was conducting patrol in the City of Lake Worth due to the power outage when an individual pointed a green laser light into the cockpit, blinding the pilot. The individual, Jacqueline Robledo, was located and arrested for Misuse of Laser Lighting Device. The pilot received immediate medical attention. At this time, no immediate injuries were sustained. The FAA, NTSB and the FBI were notified.


Fugitive Warrants – Episode 1

Fugitive Warrants – Episode 1: “She’s a little one”
The men and women of the Fugitive Warrants Unit go after convicted or accused suspects who are hiding from the law. These are their stories. Tune in every other Wednesday as we release new episodes. 
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Sheriff Ric Bradshaw announced that a team of assessors from the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) will arrive July 10, 2018 to examine all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures, management, operations, and support services. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has to comply with approximately 260 standards in order to receive accredited status. Many of the standards are critical to life, health and safety issues.

As part of the on-site assessment, agency members and the general […]


Lake Worth rental fraud

RENTAL SCAM – Have you been a victim?
Imagine being offered a property for rental, paying a rental deposit and then calling the contact person to only find out that they have disconnected their phone. That is what Steve Arce and his accomplice were doing. Detectives estimate a total loss of over $11,000 from victims. We busted one of the two suspects of this Lake Worth’s rental fraud. We need your help to find the second man responsible for this […]


PBSO gives Tracking Braclets to families

Press Conference: PBSO gives Tracking Braclets to families identified by FAU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities to assist in search & rescue recovery if their child should wander.
Posted by PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Press Conference: PBSO gives Tracking Braclets to families identified by FAU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities to assist in search & rescue recovery if their child should wander.

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