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A Letter of Gratitude

“Dear Sheriff Bradshaw
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to your fellow sheriffs, Brian and Denise.
They were spotted by my children near our neighborhood and graciously came to my home to visit with my sweet mom. My mother lives with us and she suffers from Alzheimer’s. She’s only 71 years old and already she requires assistance for everything. She cannot say much as all her words are jumbled, but when she does, she will mention her childhood horse […]


PBSO Helps With Smoke Detectors

All in the name of safety. The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office teamed up with The American Red Cross, The United Way, and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue to install free smoke detectors for residents in Sand and Sea Village in Boynton Beach, Florida.

87-206229 upload

87-206229 White Female Found in WPB Sunday, December 20, 1987 Approximate Age – 20 – 40 years old

ID Info: Victim was a white female, 5’1″ – 5’6″ tall and weighed 90-130 pounds. No clothing or jewelry were found on or near the body. Victims hair had a tinge of gray. She was short with a small frame.
Circumstances: Skeletal remains of the unidentified white female were located at 130th Ave., north of Orange Blvd. in Royal Beach, FL. The victim had extensive dental work and dental records are available.
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Upload 1988 primary

88- 035249 White Male Found in Jupiter Sunday, January 31, 1988 Approximate Age – 40 – 55 years old

ID Info: White male, 5’5″ – 5’8″ tall, weighed 150-200 pounds and had curly brown hair. He was discovered wearing a light colored T-shirt with “Bottle Cap Lounge and Liquor Locker, Key West” imprinted on the front, cut off blue Levi shorts, brown leather belt and black Converse low tops, size 7. Victim was muscular and in good shape. He also had a visible knot on his right collar bone as well as a knot on his right shoulder […]


White Male West Palm Beach Saturday, December 8, 1990 Approximate Age – 25 – 40 years old

ID Info: Victim was a white male with brown hair. He was wearing green shorts with a blue and red horizontal stripe, brand name Catch It. Over those shorts was a pair of black shorts with multi colored vertical stripes, brand name, Finn.
Circumstances: On 12/8/90, The skeletal remains of this white male were located in a wooded area on farm property off McArthur Dairy Rd. just west of Flying Cow Ranch Rd. Dental records are available.


14-073357 White or Hispanic Female Friday, May 17, 1991 Found in 1991 by US Coast Guard 10 mi east of Lake Worth

ID Info: White or Hispanic Female, age 25 to 45, 5’05”, 123 lbs., brown eyes, Light brown non-curly hair, with a vertical 3 1/2″ long surgical scar on right lower abdomen. Has a removable chrome-cobalt-acrylic partial mandibular prosthesis. Dental records are on file and information has been entered into NCIC.
Circumstances: Remains were retrieved by US Coast Guard (Case# 326-91) on May 17, 1991. Cause of death was drowning.
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Bi-racial Male Found in West Palm Beach Tuesday, April 13, 1993 Approximate Age – 25 – 35 years old

ID Info: Victim was a Bi-racial male, 5’9″ – 5″11″ tall, weighing 140-190 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. Items of clothing found were the pockets of a pair of blue jeans, black hi-top Converse Allstar sneakers, size 10, and a gold colored Hamilton wrist watch.
Circumstances: Skeletal remains of this victim were located on 4/13/93 north of Beeline Hwy. and west of the Florida Tpke. in suburban West Palm Beach, FL. Remains may have been there 3-5 years


White Female Found in West Palm Beach Saturday, August 28, 1993 Approximate Age – 16 – 20 years old

ID Info: Victim was a white female 5’1″ tall and weighed 100 pounds. She was found wearing a light colored stretch waisted shorts, male size 9-11. She also was wearing 1 large right boot.
Circumstances: Victim was found in thick underbrush on 8/28/93 (skeletal remains) in West Palm Beach, FL. Death likely occurred 1-2 years prior to discovery. Dental records are available.


White Male Found in West Palm Beach Monday, October 25, 1993 Approximate Age – 25 – 35 years old

ID Info: Victim was a white male, 5’7″ tall with straight brown hair. He was wearing Levi Strauss Blue Jeans, 31 waist and 32 length, a medium size green tee-shirt with the words “Road Kill Cafe, You Kill It, We Grill It”. The back of the shirt had a menu on it. He was also wearing white socks.
Circumstances: Victim was found in a wooded area and appeared to have been there about a month. Body was totally skeletonized. Victim […]

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