PBSO Celebrates National K9 Veterna’s Day

k9 with Officer - k9 Veteran Day

PBSO Celebrates National K9 Veterna’s Day

Today, we celebrate K9 Veterans, on the official birthday of US Army K9 Corps.

If anybody deserves the credit for this day is Joseph White, a retired military dog trainer, who came out with the idea to honor this day back in 1942.

We spoke to Cpl. Darrell Johnson and Deputy Peter Tapia from PBSO K9 Unit about our furry friends’ life after retirement.

Chico, for example, is a PBSO K9 detection dog assisting us with illegal substances, such as narcotics and explosives. He will be retiring this week after serving for almost 10 years.

“Retiring is bitter-sweet,” shared Johnson. “If they could speak they would tell us they are happy and sad at the same time.”

After retirement, canine officers get to be more like pets, they get to eat more of what they want and play more indoors. However, they also have to get used to seeing their canine officers with uniform and “the new guy,” like Johnson called it.

PBSO canine officers and their furry partners consider each other family. Most officers keep their K9s after service. PBSO makes sure our friends are taken cared of for life, with annual vet’s visit, food, and medication, if needed.

For the new PBSO K9 in service, training last 6 to 9 months. Gringo, for example, Is Deputy Tapia’s new friend. Gringo just started, but he is expected to serve 8 to 10 years after training is completed.

We will be honoring Chico on his last day with a plaque for his years of service and a K9 BBQ. Join us in congratulating these wonderful creatures on their day.



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