PBSO Busts Suspects for Numerous Vehicle Burglaries…

3 Busted

PBSO Busts Suspects for Numerous Vehicle Burglaries…

When we ask you to lock your cars and hide your valuables, we are trying to protect you from these creepers.

We’re doing our job, but we need your help, Palm Beach County. If you leave candy on top of a counter and a kid were to pass by, would they take it or keep walking? Similarly, if we are leaving laptops, phones, purses, etc., we are unfortunately exposing ourselves to being victims of a car burglary.

Please remove all valuables from your car, as many of the recent cases have involved smashed windows. It goes without saying to make sure you lock your vehicles. If you have an extra set of keys, please do not leave them inside your car. Recent Vehicle Theft cases have involved keys being left inside the vehicles being burglarized.

If you see something suspicious– call 561-688-3400 or 911 if you see crimes being committed. You can also remain ANONYMOUS by downloading our app “CONNECT & PROTECT.”


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