Operation Coqui – A Puerto Rican Law Enforcement Relief Mission

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2018/03/25 10:29:37

PBSO will be returning to Puerto Rico to deliver supplies and funds collected via the Operation Coqui mission. We will be traveling to Puerto Rico on March 25th, 2018.

Imagine you and your family going through a devastating hurricane that destroys your home and everything you own, only to put on your uniform and go to work to protect the community you serve. That is what the men and women in Law Enforcement did in Puerto Rico. Still months later, most have no power or homes to live in due to the destruction of hurricane Maria.

PBSO is on a mission to help those brave men and women who selflessly serve in Puerto Rico with #OperationCoqui.

To help donate to the Puerto Rican Police please click on the DONATE button and put in the description Puerto Rican Fund. Together, we could really bring Law Enforcement and the community in Puerto Rico back on its’ feet.

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