Violent Crimes Bureau

The PBSO Violent Crimes Unit encompases the Tactical Unit, Homicide and Cold Case Unit, The Overdose Suppression Project, Robbery Unit, Gang Unit, Auto Theft Unit, Crime Stoppers, and the Juvenile Arrest and Monitoring Unit. 2016 Homicide Conference

Dear Friends and Visitors,

My name is Jeff Andrews and I am the Commander of the Violent Crimes Division. I have been employed with the PBSO for 25 years. My experience at the PBSO includes assignments in Patrol, Community Policing, Tactical Operations, and Criminal Investigations. I received my Masters Degree in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to be the Commander of a group of highly skilled, diligent and compassionate investigators who are dedicated to solving violent crime throughout Palm Beach County.

There are several diversified investigative components that comprise the Violent Crimes Division, they include:

Tactical Unit (TAC)
The Tactical Unit consists of 1 Lieutenant, 3 Sergeants and 24 Agents. TAC provides the following types of assistance to the PBSO as well as outside local, state and federal law enforcement agencies:

  • Surveillance operations
  • Fugitive detection and apprehension
  • Dignitary protection
  • High profile patrol
  • Group operations
  • Execution of high risk arrest and search warrants
  • Tactical training
Homicide/Cold Case Unit
The Homicide Unit is responsible for investigating all homicides, suspicious and accidental deaths, suicides, critical incidents (police shootings and in-custody deaths), shootings, kidnappings, robberies, and other violent crime related cases. This unit also is available to assist any Palm Beach County municipal police agency in any type of violent crime investigation when requested. There are 3 homicide units each supervised by a Sergeant and comprised of 5 Detectives.

The Cold Case Unit investigates unresolved homicides, the earliest dating back to 1962. The unit also investigates cases involving unidentified human remains. There are currently 360 unsolved homicides being reviewed for investigation by the Cold Case Unit. This unit consists of 1 Sergeant and 5 Detectives.

Drug Overdose Prevention
Drug Overdose Prevention offers a comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach to the complex problem of drug overdose death. The project combines the efforts of several PBSO divisions and comprises three, separate, but related components:
1) Law Enforcement /Investigative - applies any and all relevant criminal statutes to those individuals found criminally liable for any aspect of another's overdose death.
2) Public Awareness/Education - raises public consciousness for the overdose epidemic by offering educational programs and establishing strategic community alliances.
3) Quantitative Research - contacts family members from each and every overdose fatality. During those conversations, we inquire about many different variables, everything from the victim's level of education to his or her drug habits. We recognize that before we can positively impact an issue as complex as drug overdose, we must first thoroughly understand the phenomenon.

Forensic Artist
Renders suspect composites from victim/witness statements, constructs craniofacial reconstructions of unidentified remains to assist in cold case investigations, uses Adobe Creative Suite software to assist in investigations and special graphics projects.

Robbery Unit
The Robbery Unit investigates all home invasions, violent carjacking, violent business robberies, and any robbery in which the victim is seriously injured. This unit consists of 2 Sergeants and 12 Detectives.

Gang Unit & Gang Task Force
The Gang Unit is responsible for the investigation of all gang related crimes in the unincorporated areas of Palm Beach County. The unit is responsible for gathering intelligence, conducting surveillance and documenting gang members while networking with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. A priority of the gang Unit is to share gang related intelligence with our law enforcement partners. The unit is comprised of 1 Sergeant and 7 Detectives.

The Gang Task Force shares the same mission as the Gang Unit but is responsible for the investigation of gang related crimes in all areas of Palm Beach County when requested by the local law enforcement agency.

The task force is comprised of 2 Sergeants and 10 Detectives.

Auto Theft Unit & Task Force
The Auto Theft Unit investigates the theft and recovery of stolen vehicles through proactive investigation. They are responsible for the following: inspecting vehicles that enter and exit the Port of Palm Beach for import and export; investigating suspected "chop shops"; conducting site inspections of salvage yards, junkyards, body shops, licensed motor vehicle and vessel dealerships, repair shops, tow yards and scrap metal processing plants. In addition they confiscate property used in conjunction with auto theft and initiate forfeiture proceedings. The Auto Theft Task Force is comprised of 1 Sergeant, 5 full time Detectives from PBSO and 5 Detectives from state and local law enforcement agencies.

Crime Stoppers
The Crime Stoppers Unit is comprised of 1 Sergeant and Detective and 2 clerical specialists. The unit is responsible for receiving anonymous phone and website tips and contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency with the information. One of the most important elements in conducting criminal investigations is creating and maintaining partnerships with the community. I encourage you to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS (8477) if you have information relevant to any ongoing investigation.

Juvenile Arrest and Monitoring Unit (JAM)
The Juvenile Arrest and Monitoring Unit (JAM) is responsible for the monitoring of hard-core juvenile offenders currently assigned to probation programs. The priority of the JAM Unit is to reduce the cycle of juvenile violence by creating positive partnerships with parents, community leaders, and other entities that are committed to assisting juveniles. JAM Unit personnel are assigned to the Robbery & Gang Units.

Analytical Support
There are 3 analysts assigned to the Violent Crimes Division from the Strategic Intelligence Section. The analysts provide analytical support for all violent crimes investigations.

My staff and I look forward to serving the residents and visitors of Palm Beach County and making this a safer place to live.


Captain Jeff Andrews

Other important contacts in the Violent Crimes Division:

Lt. Pete Ebel  (Homicide/Cold Case/Overdose Suppression Project) 
  (561) 688-4160

Lt. Patrick Woodward (Robbery/ Crime Stoppers /JAMU)
  (561) 688-4041

Lt. JB Killingsworth (Tactical Unit)
  (561) 681-4565